Descendants of

AB. Hans Gerber/ Garver (d. 1748)

The text on descendants of AB1 Johannes H. Gerber, below, is taken verbatim from Shoup (1993), with additional outline and text from Sharp (Feb. 10, 1997). [Note: This section is incomplete; Sharp has much more additional detail.]

AB11+ Elder John Garber (b. Apr. 4, 1769 [1758?]; d. Oct. 4, 1839 [1814?], see Gleim, 1987) m. Catharine -- (b. Feb. 25, 1769; d. Dec. 30, 1847), the eldest son [?], was the first to venture north to Ohio, with his wife, Barbara Zook, who is said to have come to Clermont Co., Ohio and assisted in organizing the Stonelick Church there in 1795. Later, in 1805 he is thought to have helped Elder Jacob Miller in organizing the Lower Miami District before moving farther north into the Upper Miami Church, settling in what is now the Donnels Creek District. His will, recorded June 3, 1814, gives his residence as Boston Twp, Champaign Co., Ohio which was west of Springfield near the present George Rogers Clark State Park. His nine children are named in his will. He also left final settlement of some land he still owned in Hamilton Co., OH. The will is signed Johannes Garber.

AB12+ Samuel Garber (b. 1756, York Co., Pa.; d. 1814, Tenn.) m. (1) Molly Stoner (b. 1756), daughter of Elder Jacob Stoner; [m (2) Elizabeth Miller (b. 1784; d. 1817, Augusta Co. Va.), according to Filbin (19??)]; 11 or 15 children. These are the same children attributed to Rev. Levi Garber, as presented by Cora (Garber) Gregory in Mohler-Garber Family History (1921). Rev. Levi Garber (b. ca. 1760?) was Bishop of the Dunkard church of Augusta Co., Va., preached in W. Va. and Kentucky, and helped direct work of the "Underground Railroad," as presented by Gregory (1921). [His ancestry is not stated, but he could be from one of the S Families.] He m. Barbara Miller [dau. of Peter Miller, son of David Miller] and had 15 children. Some are listed in the torn leaf of an ancient Bible (probably not in correct order). The same family is listed by Barbara N. Sharp, in Descendants of Johannes H. Garber, unpublished draft lineage dated Feb. 10, 1997.

AB13+ Abraham Garber (b. Nov. 10, 1760, York Co., Pa.; d. Feb. 16, 1848, New Hope, Augusta Co, Va.) m. at Augusta Co., Va. in 1790 Elizabeth Humbert (b. 1762, Augusta Co., Va.) daughter of Jacob Humbert. They had 7 children (see material on children added by Harry E. Garber, 8404 Overlook St., Vienna, Va. 22180.).

AB14 Martin Garber (b. 1761, York Co., Pa.; d. 1824, Va., bur. Wolfe's Cem., Pipe Creek congregation, ?1767-1814 in Gleim, 1987) m. Rebecca Stoner. They lived in Maryland and in Shenandoah Co. Va. (Book T 1788-1789 of Early Land Grants in VA. 1690-1879, film # 0029508, Martin Garver, page 121, no Acre amount given. [This is not proven yet -- he could be the son of John Garber and Barbara Miller of Fredericks Co. Md, Beaver Dam; he was married to -- Stoner (ca 1760- ) about 1780 in Maryland.])

AB15 Anna Garber (b. 1762, York Co., Pa.; d. 1837, Rockingham Co, VA) m. Daniel Miller (b. 1752; d. 1820) son of Lodowich Miller and (2) Barbara, he had married (1) Barbara Long.

AB16+ Jacob Garber (b. Dec. 31, 1766, York Co., Pa.; d. Sept. 5, 1836, Ohio) m. ca. 1790 Susanna Humbert (b. ca. 1770), daughter of Jacob Humbert (an early settler in Ohio from Augusta Co. Va.; he recieved a patent Dec. 14, 1809 for a part of land now in Madison Co. Ohio on Oak run and Deer Creek) and sister to Elizabeth who married his brother Abraham. This family went to Ohio and is said to have had three children. [Check wife notes for information on Ohio land]. Susanna’s sister Elizabeth Humbart married Jacob Garber’s brother Abraham. See Preble Co. Court house land records from Derl: Mar. 19, 1821 to Jacob Garber from the Heirs of Jacob Heumbert, range 3, Twp. 5, Sec. 15, N.W. Quarter, Vol. #4, page 324; in the material from Mrs. Unger, Jacob and wife Susanna sold this same land to Peter Pfoutz of Montgomery Co., Ohio for $600; it was patented by James Madison to Jacob Humbert July 18, 1812; Jacob and Susannah are said to be from Shenandoah Co., Va.. and the sale was wit. by John Wilson and John Newman of Va.

AB17 Daniel Garber (b. 1769, Frederick Co., MD).

AB18 Catherine Garber (b. Mar. 15, 1771, Fredericks Co., Md.; d. Sept. 18, 1835, Rockingham CO., Va.) m. Apr. 26, 1790 John Florry (b. 1766; d. 1845), the son of Abraham Flory. They had ten children listed in "Flory, Flora & Fleury History" p. 159. They lived near Harrisonburg Va. this material comes from "Immigrant Micheal Miller of 1692 and Many of his Descendants" by Floyd R. Mason 4409 Park Road, Alexandria, Va. 22312 (1986?).

AB19+ Elder Joseph Garber (b. Aug. 10, 1773, Fredericks Co., Md.; d. Oct. 5, 1854, Montgomery Co., Ohio) m. Catherine Leedy on June 26, 1798 in Rockingham Co., Va. He was the second son of Johannes H. Garber to come to Ohio. He lived in Randolph Twp., Montgomery Co., OH in 1820, but was listed as living on "Ten Mile" when the Stonelick district in Clermont Co. was organized in 1802. A Jacob Garver was also listed in the early church history as being a minister at Stonelick and some think this was another of Johannes' sons who came to Ohio, but the fact is, Jacob Garber, son of Johannes H.(m Susannah Humbert) inherited his father's farm at Flat Rock, Va. and is buried in the Garber cemetery with his parents and their descendants. On April 13, 1820 Joseph Garber purchased 157 acres of land in Madison Twp., Montgomery Co., OH and built a cabin where his family lived for 12 years. Joseph was ordained an Elder and held the oversight of the Lower Stillwater Church for some years. Joseph and Catherine were parents of four children. In 1828 Joseph and Catherine sold their 157 acre farm to Felix and Elizabeth for $1200 and Felix built a new home there about 1832. They were still living there in 1844 when Elder John Kline recorded spending the night with Joseph Garbers and visiting the next day at Felix Landis'. In 1849 Felix and Elizabeth sold the farm and with their seven youngest children and one daughter-in-law headed west where the parents eventually landed in 1872 in Bond Co., Illinois. Possibly about the time Felix and Elizabeth departed for the west, Elizabeth's parents, Joseph and Catherine Garber, gave up caring for themselves and went to Shelby Co., OH and made their home with their daughter and son-in-law, Susannah and Joseph Kessler. Catherine died on Aug. 24, 1851 and is buried in the "Dunkard" Cemetery in Perry Twp., Shelby Co., OH. Joseph died Oct. 5, 1854 and is buried beside his wife in the little cemetery by the side of the road. After the parents' deaths, Joseph and Susannah Kessler also moved to Bond Co., IL where he served in the ministry in the Hurricane Creek congregation.

AB1a Magdalene Garber (b. June 14, 1774, Fredericks Co., Md.; d. July 20, 1832, Ottobine Rock, Va.) m. George Wine (b. 1774; d. 1845) in 1796, a son of Michael Wine and Susannah Miller, daughter of Lodowich Miller (b. 1749, Maryland). Susannah Miller’s brother Daniel (b. 1752- ) m. (2) Anna Garber (b. 1762-1837), Magdalene's sister. (See Floyd R. Mason, 4409 Park Road Alexandria, VA 22312 who did a small book “Immigrant Michael Miller of 1692 And Many Of His Decendants,” George was the son of Susannah Miller, sister to Barbara Miller Garber and Michael Wine, and first cousins.)

Third generation descendants of AB1 Johannes H. Gerber:

AB111 Jacob Garber.

AB112 Elizabeth Garber.

AB113 Nancy Garber.

AB114 Mary Garber.

AB115 Abraham Garber

AB116 Barbara Garber.

AB117 Magdalene Garber (wife of Peter Minnick, Sr.).

AB118 Joseph Garber.

AB119 Samuel Garber.

AB121 Elizabeth (Betsy) Garber m. Joseph Miller; dau. AB1211 Barbara Miller m. -- Bagoon.

AB122 Lizzy Garber m. -- Pence.

AB123 Catharine Garber (b. Oct. 1784; d. Feb. 21, 1842), w(2) of Christian Coffman, Sr.

AB124 Anna Garber (b. Apr. 10, 1795; d. Feb. 1, 1888) m. Christian Coffman, Jr.

AB125 Solomon Garber (b. 1785, Va.; d. 1845/1850, Washington Co., Tenn.); m. Barbary Long and had 7 children: John Garber (b. 1808-1870, retarded), Isaac Garber (b. May 8, 1818, Va.; d. Aug. 5, 1890, Tenn.), Rebecca Garber ( -1886, NC), Barbara Garber (b. 1830-18??) m. James Short, Susannah Garber (b. 1826-?), m. James Keebler, Elizabeth Garber m. Gordon Lovegrove, and David Garber (b. Dec. 26, 1821, Va.; d. June 6, 1853, Tenn) m. Elizabeth Hilbert, 2 children.

AB126 Michael Garber m. Catherine --.

AB127+ John Garber. According to Shoup (1993) "John Garber (b. 1784; d. 1856) married Nancy Erbaugh in Virginia (see also "A Garber Reunion," The Leedy Chronicle, pp. 6-7; Filbin [erroneously?] claims John Garber m. Mary Lair, d. Sept. 17, 1860. He was the third Garber family to come to Ohio, the grandson of Elder Johannes H. Garber and son of AB12 Samuel and Molly (Stoner) Garber. They also were members of the German Baptist faith. They made the journey to Ohio in 1835 when he was 50 years old and Nancy was 44, so it seems safe to conclude that their children were all born in Virginia. In John's will, after bequeathing to his wife Nancy all of the furniture, kitchen utensils, beds "&c" also one cow of her choice, he left the residue of his property to 'my children Hetty Stewart, Jonathan Garber, Sarah Murray, Samuel Garber, Jacob Garber, John Garber, Daniel Garber, Susan Beeghley and Nancy Beeghley to be divided amongst them, share and share alike.' On May 5, 1837 John Garber purchased from Jonah and Polly Miller 157 acres of land in Madison Twp., Montgomery Co., OH which had a log cabin where the family lived until John was able to build a comfortable brick home. John and Nancy's two oldest daughters may have married and stayed in Virginia. John died in 1856 and Nancy in 1862 and both were buried in a small family cemetery along Garber Run."

AB128 Martin Garber (b. Apr. 24, 1793; d. Aug. 31, 1851, Shelby Co., Iowa) m. Magdaline Mohler (b. 1816; d. Dec. 8, 1876, Delaware Co., Iowa); moved from Virginia to Ohio; 14 children: John, Madaline, Samuel, Jacob, Martin, Abram, Silas (b. 1833; d. 1905) Governor of Nebraska, Joseph, Isaac, Martha, Hannah, and Benjamin. See Gregory (1921) for descendants.

AB129 Daniel Garber died in Ohio.

AB12a Abraham Garber (d. 1867?) m. Barbara -- (d. 1850?).

AB12b Magdalene (Matty) E. Garber m. Emmanuel Arnold (b. Jan. 14, 1814?).

AB12c Samuel Garber, Jr. m. Amy Lair (b. Aug. 18, 1812).

AB12d Jacob Garber.

AB12e Barbara Garber m. Samuel Leedy.

AB12f Susan Garber m. -- Lair or Lehr.

AB131 John Garber (b. July 14, 1792, New Hope, Augusta Co., Va.).

AB132 Daniel Garber (b. Oct. 23, 1793, New Hope, Augusta Co., Va.).

AB133+ Jacob Garber (b. Oct. 28, 1797, New Hope, Augusta Co., Va.) m. Nancy Arnold (b. Apr. 12, 1805, Hardy Co., Va./ W.Va.)

AB134 Mary Arion Garber (b. 1799).

AB135 Sarah/Sallie Whitmore Garber (b. 1801).

AB136 Esther Garber (b. 1803) m. Abram Stoner.

AB137 Samuel Garber (b. Sept. 22, 1806, New Hope, Augusta Co., Va.).

AB161 Jacob Garber (b. ca. 1790, Flatrock, Shenandoah Co., Va.) m. Lydia Stoner.

AB162 Elizabeth Garber m. Ben/Dan Long.

AB163 Catherine Garber (b. ca. 1795) m. Abra.Crumpacker.

AB164 John Garber (b. ca. 1808, Pos, Ohio).

AB165 (dau) Garber (b. ca. 1817).

AB166 (son) Garber (b. ca. 1818).

AB167 (dau) Garber (b. ca. 1820).

AB191 Elizabeth Garber (b. 1799) married Felix Landes.

AB192 Susannah Garber (b. 1801) married Joseph J. Kessler (they had no children).

AB193 Catherine Garber (b. 1807), third daughter of Joseph Garber, married Jonathan Kessler, a brother of her sister Susannah's husband, Joseph. They were parents of eight children, at least some of whom accompanied them to Bond Co., IL in 1856 and later to Sangamon Co., IL. One son, Joshua, became an Elder in the church. He had a family of nine children, with many descendants by the names of Cable, Wrightsman, Stull, Kennedy, Boyd, Grover, and others still living in Indiana, Illinois, Kansas and California.

AB194+ Joseph Garber, Jr. (b. 1814) the only son of Elder Joseph and Catherine Garber, married Mary Ann Wampler. They had eleven children, three of whom died young. This family did not seem to have the same wanderlust as his older sisters and brothers-in-law as most of them seem to have stayed in the Miami Valley of Ohio where many of them reared large families.

Fourth generation descendants of AB1 Johannes H. Gerber:

AB1271+ Jonathan Garber, the eldest son of John and Nancy Garber was born in 1814 and married Catherine Rife in Virginia. They were parents of seventeen children; given below in what is a best guess as to order of birth.

AB1272+ Samuel Garber, the second son of John and Nancy Garber was born in 1818 and married Lydia Beeter; nine children.

AB1273+ Jacob Garber, the third son of John and Nancy Garber, married first Catherine Vaniman; after her early death in 1853, Jacob married her sister, Elizabeth Vaniman. Jacob was a minister in the Bear Creek Church of the Brethren. Jacob and Catherine had seven daughters. Jacob and Elizabeth had six children.

AB1274+ John Garber, the fourth son of John and Nancy Garber, and his father's namesake, m. Susanna Beeghley; nine children.

AB1275+ Daniel Garber, the fifth son, m. (1) Elizabeth Heeter and (2) Elizabeth Blickenstaff. Daniel had twelve children.

AB1276+ Susannah Garber, second youngest of John and Nancy Garber's family m. John Beeghley; eleven children.

AB1277+ Nancy Garber (b. 1830) was the youngest child of John and Nancy Garber; she married Michael Beeghley; three sons before Nancy's untimely death at age 26. Many members of this family live in Indiana and Kansas.

AB1331 Rebekak Garber (b. Dec. 27, 1823, Mt. Sidney, Augusta Co., Va.) m. Daniel Miller.

AB1332 Abraham D. Garber (b. Oct. 8, 1853, Mt. Sidney, Augusta Co., Va. -) m. (1) Magdalene Wine (b. 1824); m. (2) Sophia Bird HAYS (b. 1824).

AB1333+ Levi Garber (b. Aug. 21, 1828, New Hope, Augusta Co., Va.) m. Barbara Miller (b. Feb. 25, 1825, Augusta Co. Va.).

AB1334 Reuben Arnold Garber (b. Jan. 26, 1836, Mt. Sidney, Augusta Co., Va.) m. Mary Flory (b. 1836).

AB1335 Jacob W. Garber (b. Sept. 11, 1842, Mt. Sidney, Augusta Co., Va.) m. Susan Ham (b. 1842).

AB1941 Sarah Garber married Abraham Denlinger and their descendants include the Hyres, Buralls, Mummas, Klepengers and Martins.

AB1942+ Elizabeth Garber married Eli Fifer and one son mentioned.

AB1943+ Mary-Ann (Mollie) Garber married Israel Denlinger, a brother of her sister Sarah's husband, Abraham; eight children.

AB1944+ Joseph L. Garber married Laura Dinkins. He was a member of the German Baptist Church, but later in life joined with the Old Order, or Petitioners; four children.

AB1945 Phillip Wampler Garber married Emma Hoffman and they were parents of fourteen children. These children and grandchildren married into the families of Thomas, Brumbaugh, Urmey, Rutrough, Baker, Beckner, Peters, and Miller and many are living in Miami and Darke Counties of Ohio.

AB1946 Jesse W. Garber, youngest child of Joseph and Mary Ann Garber, married Flora Applegate and had eight children. They lived in Paulding Co., OH, but later in life moved to Trumbull Co.near Warren where he died at the home of his son in 1943. He was a member of the German Baptist church but his children were not.

Fifth generation descendants of AB1 Johannes H. Gerber:

AB12711 Calvin Garber (d.i.).

AB12712 Alan Garber (b. 1838); lived in Preble Co., OH.

AB12713 Sarah Garber (b. 1839); m. Jacob Comer, lived near Brookville, OH.

AB12714 Nancy Garber (b. ca. l840); m. J.S. Miller, lived Temple Mo.

AB12715 Hannah Garber (b. ca. l842); m. J.P. Kimmel, lived Loami, IL.

AB12716 Daniel Garber (b. 1843); m. Catherine Vaniman, was an Elder in O.G.B. Church at Prices Creek.

AB12717 Jacob Garber (b. 1844); m. Alice Reynolds, lived at Auturn IL.

AB12718 Mary Garber (b. ca. l846) m. Isaac Bowman, lived at Dodson, Montg. Co., OH.

AB12719 Elizabeth Garber (b. 1848); n.m.

AB1271a Catherine Garber (b. 1849); n.m.

AB1271b Harriet "Hettie" Garber (b. ca. l850); m. Noah C. Miller, Johnsville, OH. See Descendants of Harriet "Hettie" Garber, by Joanna Salley (with letter Dec. 4, 1997).

AB1271c Barbara Garber (b. 1851); m. Amos P. Miller, Eldorado, OH.

AB1271d Rachel Garber (b. ca. l853); m. John G. m1 Kuns, parents of AB1271d1 Ray F. Kuns, founder of Trotwood Trailers.

AB1271e Ruth Garber (b. ca. l855); d.i.

AB1271f Jonathan P. Garber (b. 1856); m. (1) Thirza Oliver m. (2) Elizabeth (Frantz) Neher.

AB1271g Samuel Garber (b. 1858); m. Laura Eversole and had a daughter, AB1271g1 Maud who m. Alger Erbaugh.

AB1271h George Garber (b. 1860); m. Effie Shock and spent his entire life on the family farm on Route 35 near New Lebanon, OH.

AB12721 Henry Garber (b. 1842); m. Abbie Arnold.

AB12722 Susannah Garber m. Wilson Hay as his second wife.

AB12723 John Garber m. Catherine Miller.

AB12724 Mary Garber m. Wilson Hay in 1865 and died six years later.

AB12725 Abraham Garber m. Mary Ann Filbrun, moved to Fairview, Mo.

AB12726 Anna Elizabeth Garber m. John Gearhart.

AB12727 Noah Garber m. Lydia Bookwalter.

AB12728 Hannah Garber m. John Calvin Bright, a Church of the Brethren minister.

AB12729 Samuel Garber, the youngest, died young.

AB12731 Barbara Garber m. Robert Millikin.

AB12732 Mary Garber m. Marion Bright.

AB12733 Nancy Garber m. Jacob Kimmel.

AB12734 Elizabeth Garber m. David Miller.

AB12735 Susannah Garber m. Moses Miller.

AB12736 Amanda Garber n.m.

AB12737 Catherine Garber n.m.

AB12738 Martha Garber m. David Kinsel.

AB12739 Hester Garber m. John T. Koons.

AB1273a Harriet Garber m. Ephriam Long.

AB1273b Albert Garber.

AB1273c Sarah Garber m. Daniel Filbrun.

AB1273d Ezra Garber m. Ellen Etter.

AB12741 Joseph B. Garber m. Desdemona Nicholas.

AB12742 Elizabeth Garber m. David G. Jacobs.

AB12743 Michael B. Garber m. Ida Tomlin

AB12744 John A. Garber m. Josephine Bridges.

AB12745 Sarah Ann Garber.

AB12746 Abraham Garber.

AB12747 Nancy K. Garber.

AB12748 Uriah Daniel Garber.

AB12749 Susan A. Garber.

AB12751 Harriet Garber m. William Wright.

AB12752 Lydia Garber m. Isaac Harter.

AB12753 John Garber (b. 1855; d. 1882) m. Sarah Hogmire.

AB12754 Joseph Garber m. Clara Kitterman.

AB12755 Samuel Garber (b. 1859; d. 1945) m. Julia Harter.

AB12756 Allan Garber m. Clara Rice.

AB12757 Hettie Garber m. Henry Wright.

AB12758 Elsbie Garber n.m.

AB12759 Mary Effie Garber m. Samuel Garber M.D.

AB1275a Ida M. Garber n.m.

AB1275b Daniel Garber m. Mary Franklin, was an artist of some renown.

AB1275c Rebecca Garber n.m.

AB12761 Catherine Beeghley d.y.

AB12762 Nancy Beeghley m. Jacob Myers.

AB12763 Susan Beeghley.

AB12764 Allen Beeghley m. Hessie Eplitig.

AB12765 Joseph Beeghley.

AB12766 Hettie Beeghley m. John W. Hart.

AB12767 Michael Beeghley; d.i.

AB12768 Anna Beeghley.

AB12769 Sarah Elizabeth Beeghley.

AB1276a John Milton Beeghley m. Luella Walker.

AB1276b Laura Ellen Beeghley m. S.S. McIlvain.

AB12771 John Garber Beeghley m. Mary Elizabeth Flory.

AB12772 Jonah Beeghley m. Elizabeth Shoemaker.

AB12773 Levi Michael Beeghley m. Anna Catherine Shoemaker.

AB13331 Peter Garber (b. Dec. 9, 1850, Mt.Sidney, Augusta Co., Va.) m. Emma Catherine Cline.

AB13332 Jacob A. Garber (b. Oct. 8, 1853, Augusta Co., Va.) m. Mary Elizabeth Myers (b. Apr. 16, 1853, Rockingham Co. Va.).

AB13333 Daniel S. Garber (b. Aug. 22, 1855, Mt.Sidney, Augusta Co., Va.) m. Elizabeth M. Click.

AB13334 Lydia C. Garber (b. June 23, 1857, Mt.Sidney, Augusta Co., Va.) m. Jacob A. Flory.

AB13335 Nancy J. Garber (b. Apr. 30, 1859, Mt.Sidney, Augusta Co., Va.).

AB13336 Annie Rebecca Garber (b. June 9, 1861, Mt. Sidney, Augusta Co., Va.) m. Enos Garber.

AB13337 Barbara Elizabeth Garber (b. Nov. 16, 1863, Mt. Sidney, Augusta Co., Va.) m. Jos. Sam. Norford.

AB13338 Fannie V. Garber (b. Mar. 15, 1866, Mt.Sidney, Augusta Co., Va.) m. Jacob Huffman.

AB19421 Jesse Fifer married Barbara Kinsey, daughter of Elder Samuel Kinsey.

AB19431 Viola Denlinger m. David Onkst.

AB19432 Allen Denlinger.

AB19433 William Denlinger.

AB19434 Carlton Denlinger (d.y.)

AB19435 Waldo Denlinger.

AB19435 Vernon Denlinger.

AB19436 Elwood Denlinger.

AB19437 Carrie Denlinger m. Ira Holsinger.

AB19441 Wilbut Garber m. Effie Denlinger.

AB19442 Chester Earl Garber m. Sarah Wenger.

AB19443 Melvin Garber m. Ethel Falkenor.

AB19444 Lona Garber m. Christopher Knoop.

The estate of AB21 Martin Garber, Jr. was settled in 1815, and the document names his heirs:

AB211 Solomon Garber.

AB212 Isaac Garber.

AB213 Mary Garber.

AB214 John Garber.

AB215 Juliana Garber.

AB216 Hanaah Garber.

AB217 Martin Garber.

AB218 Abraham Garber.

AB219 Lydia Garber.

AB21a Charles Garber.

Children of AB23 Christian Garber and Mary Morningstar are included in the Research Notes of Roberta Miller Herbert, 1609 Seneca Ave., McLean, Va. 22102..

AB231? Solomon Garber, an Elder at the Old Cooks Creek Church, m. Barbara Wine, dau. of John Wine and Magdalene Garber [dau. of AB14 Martin Garber] (see Research Notes of Roberta Miller Herbert).

AB232? Elizabeth Garber m. Jacob Wine, brother of John Wine.

AB233? David Garber m. Rebecca Miller (b. 1821; d. 1854), dau. of Christian and Susan (Flory) Miller.

AB27 Henry Garber m. Margretha --. This may be the Henry Gruber of Codorus Twp., York Co. who wrote his will Aug. 11, 1818, proved Oct. 29, 1818. He left 13+ acres to his wife Margreta and they had no issue. Codorus Twp., York Co. is not far from where he was raised in Maryland. His death would have been 14 years following the time he received his father's inheritance in 1804 in Md.


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