Descendants of

AC. Niclaus Gerber (1698-1748)

The family of AC21 Christian Garber is included in his will, written Dec. 1808 and proved Mar. 13, 1809 (see Research Notes of Roberta Miller Herbert). His executors were his brother [AC26] Martin Garber and John Stoner; witness was John Wampler, husband of [AB26] Magdalena Garber.

AC211 Jonathan Garber received his father's 130-acre plantation in 1815.

AC212 Daniel Garber.

AC213 Magdaline Garber.

AC214 Ann Garber.

AC215 Catherine Garber.

AC216 Elizabeth Garber m. William Stoner.

AC217 Barbara Garber.

AC218 Rebecca Garber.

AC219 Hannah Garber, a minor in 1809 (b. Aug. 30, 1799) m. Jacob Sayler, an Elder at Beaver Dam Brethren Church.

AC29 Jonathan Garber (b. 1774; d. 1850) m. Elizabeth Hufford. They lived near Johnsville, MD until 1802 when they bought a farm in Washington Co., PA. He was a cobbler and a farmer. This outline is from Floyd Mason's Niclous Garber Family Record (1997).

AC291 Christopher Garber.

AC292+ Samuel Garber (b. 1805; d. 1855) m. Lydia Garrett or/and Mary Smith.

AC293 Reuben Garber.

AC294 William Garber m. Elizabeth Weaver.

AC295 Cornelius Garber m. Anne McCarty.

AC296 Jonathan Garber.

AC297 Jacob Garber m. Nancy McGinnis.

AC298 Mary Garber m. David Eggy.

AC299 Elizabeth Garber m. George Shidler.

AC29a+ Hannah Garber (b. 1813) m. Christopher (Stoffel) Horn.

AC29b Susannah Garber m. Abraham Moore.

AC29c Anne Garber m. David Bernard.

AC292 Samuel Garber (b. 1805; d. 1855) m(1) Lydia Garrett (b. 1807; d. 1884), m(2) Mary Smith; d. 1887, da Peter Smith & Pricilla Cooper. They were both born in MD, Mary in Washington and Samuel likely in Frederick Counties, and were bu at the Salem Baptist Church, Guernsey Co., OH.

AC2921+ Samuel Garber (b. 1828; d. 1894) m. Sarah Ann Bowen, m(2) Elizabeth Simmons - of m(1).

AC2922 Elizabeth Garber m. Benjamin Ferguson.

AC2923 Peter Garber m. Sarah Dennis - he was a medical doctor.

AC2924 Mary Garber m. John Robby.

AC2925 Abel Garber m. Janice Chester. Their son was J.B. Garber, M.D., of Dunkirk, Ind. See Bowen, B.F., publisher, Biographical Memoirs of Jay Co., Indiana (1901), p. 337: J.B. Garber, M.D., grandson of [AC292] Samuel Garber.

AC2926 Sarah Garber m. Thomas Hartup.

AC2927 Jonathan Garber m. Elizabeth Rose.

AC2928 Hannah Garber m. Crabbs.

AC2929 Eunice Garber - unm.

AC292a Reuben Garber m. Jennie Dickson.

AC292b James Garber m. Mary Johnson.

AC292c Silas Dean Garber (b. 1851) m. Susannah Boyd.

AC292d Agnes Jane Garber (b. 1853; d. 1938) m. Joshua M. Robinson (b. 1852; d. 1930).

AC29a Hannah Garber (b. 1813) m. Christopher (Stoffel) Horn c l809. They moved from Washington Co., PA to southern OH following the Civil War.

AC29al William Horn (b. 1837; d. young); AC29a2 Josias Horn (b. &; d. 1838) +; AC29a3+ Hezakiah Horn (b. 1840; d. 1891); AC29a4 Mariah Horn (b. 1841; d. 1838); AC29a5 Elizabeth Horn (b. 1844; d. 1845).

AC2921 Samuel Garber (b. 1828; d. 1894) m(1) Sarah Ann Bowen (b. 1829; d. 1855), m(2) Elizabeth Simmons (b. 1835; d. 1924).

AC29211* Lydia Ann Garber (b. 1850; d. 1883) m. Joseph Bowman.

AC29212* Mason Bowen Garber (b. 1851; d. 1918) m. Rachel Amos.

AC29213 Demas Garber (b. 1854; d. 1900).

AC29214* Isiah Henry Garber (b. 1858; d. 1898).

AC29215* Samuel Reynolds Garber (b. 1866) m. Anna Lane.

AC29216 Robert Chamberlain Garber (b. 1869) m. Anna A. Swihart.

AC29217 John Allison Garber (b. 1861; d. 1882).

AC29218* Sarah Elizabeth Garber (b. 1873) m. Charles Nephew Hewitt.

AC29a3 Hezakiah Horn (b. 1840; d. 1891) m. Sarah Jane Hoffine (b. 1847; d. 1908).

AC29a31+ Mary Elizabeth Horn (b. 1869) m. Robert Elmer McGregor.

AC29a32 David Shaner Horn (b. 1871; d. 1889).

AC29a33+ Andrew Christopher Horn (b. 1873; d. 1939).

AC29a34 Samuel Marion Horn (b. 1875; d. 1900).

AC3 John Gerber (d. 1804). Samuel Harnish and Samuel Bechtel, executors, produced an account to the Orphans Court on Dec. 16, 1806 (Book I-302, York Co., LDS# 0022154); Samuel Bechtel, excutor, presented further account on May 13, 1817 (Book M-150, York Co., LDS# 0022155); children and spouses are listed on the account. On May 15, 1810 $52.58 was paid by executors Samuel Harnish and Samuel Bechtel to Ulrich Hershman for the warrant, surveyed Apr. 4, 1751, for the 44+ acre tract called "Good Intent," vested to John Gerber (Patent H-3-505).

AC31 Anna Gerber m. Henry Boyer. On July 27, 1813 Henry Boyer and wife Anna received £200 for their share of the 141+ acres in Manheim Twp. of John Gerber from Frederick Bentz, Jr. (Deed 2X507, York Co.).

AC32+ Christian Gerber (d. before 1804); children:

AC321 Jacob Gerber (b. ca. 1802, Abraham Heistand appointed Guardian, Orph. Ct. K-215, Feb. 26, 1811; d. 1821-22, Heidelberg Twp., Jacob Ehrhart and Andrew Wagner administered his account Aug. 5, 1822, Orph. Ct. N-411, York Co., LDS# 0022155), shoemaker.

AC322 Mary Gerber.

AC323 John Gerver (b. ca. 1803, Jacob Ernst appointed Guardian, Orph Ct. M-162, York Co., Aug. 4, 1817).

AC324 Elizabeth Gerber. In 1813 requests were submitted to the Orphans Court asking that Christian Kehr be appointed guardian for Jacob, Mary, John and Elizabeth Gerver, children of Christian Gerber.

AC33 John Gerber m. Elizabeth Leiner(t); on Mar. 28, 1831 John Garber and Elizabeth, his wife, sold 7+ acres in Manheim Twp. patented June 24, 1789 to Martin Brumgart and sold Oct. 7, 1815 to [AC3b] Joseph Garber and wife Eve, granted Dec. 11, 1819 to John Garber; an adjacent 5+ acre tract was patented Jan. 7, 1825 to John Garber, Patent H-23-91; a third adjoining tract of 24 sq perches was purchased by John Garber on Sept. 4, 1822; the 3 tracts totalled 16 acres, 121 p. (Deed 3R-447, York Co.). He appears on the 1820 Census of Heidleberg Twp. in a family of 3 males and 2 females.

AC34+ Nicholas Gerber (d. 1804). On Aug. 4, 1806, Eve (Schultz) Gerber, widow of Nicholas Gerber of Manheim Twp., petitioned the Orphans Court to appoint Daniel Baer of Manheim Twp. as guardian for AC341 John Gerber, age 5 (b. 1799), AC342 Jacob Gerber, age 3 (b. 1801), and AC343 Catharine Gerber, age 1 (b. 1803); Book I-274, York Co., LDS# 0022154. John and Peter Shultz, of Heidelberg Twp., received an administrative bond on Sept. 14, 1804, John Shultz, administrator, produced an account on ?Nov. 3, 1806 (Book I-283, York Co., LDS# 0022154).

AC35+ Elizabeth Gerber m. (1?) -- Bucher; m. (2?) Peter Shultz: eldest son AC351 Adam Bucher (Will L-205, York Co.).

AC36 Magdalena Gerber m. Gotleb Himen.

AC37 Mary Gerber m. John Boyer.

AC38+ Samuel Gerber (d. 1816); son AC381 John Gerber. He may be the Samuel Gerber, Private on the Sept. 5, 1814 Muster Roll if 1st Regt., 2nd Brig. Infantry of Pa. Militia under Capt. John Mauger at York, Pa. (Pa. Arch., 6th Ser., Vol. 8, p. 1193). He died in the U.S. military service (War of 1812?); his Apr. 12, 1817 account was exhibited at York Co. by George Haller, Esq., administrator.

AC39 Barbara Gerber m. John Royer.

AC3a Salome Gerber m. John Newcomer.

AC3b Joseph Gerber (d. 1850, Town of Jefferson, S. Codorus Twp.) m. Eve --; account of his estate was presented by John Gerber on Jan. 6, 1851.


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