Descendants of

B. Hans Jacob GERBER (1693?- )

The children of B1 Jacob F. Gerber are presented in Keller (1889):

B11 John Gerber. According to Keller (1889), the children of B11 John Gerber were: B111 Adam Gerber [?m. E32 Mary Winter]; B112 John Gerber; B113 Samuel Gerber; B114 Catharine Gerber; B115 Elizabeth Gerber; Sarah Gerber; and Mary Gerber (m. -- Eichelberger). See Keller (1889) for additional descendants.

B12 Jacob Gerber According to Keller (1889), his children were: B121 Michael Gerber; B122 George Gerber; B123 Jacob Gerber; B124 Samuel Gerber; B125 Elizabeth; B126 Mary Gerber; and B127 Susan Gerber. See Keller (1889) for additional descendants.

B13 Felix Gerber

B14 Elizabeth Gerber

B15 Anna Gerber

B16 Barbara Gerber m. -- Gantz.

B17 Abraham Gerber According to Keller (1889), his children were: B171 John Gerber; B172 Elizabeth Gerber; B173 Mary Gerber (m. -- Auchey); and B174 Catharine Gerber. See Keller (1889) for additional descendants.

B18+ Christian Gerber. According to Runk (1896) Christian Garver, Sr., was a native of Lancaster Co. He was a farmer by occupation. He married -- Grim, of Lancaster Co., by whom he had eight children. He came to Dauphin Co. about 1820, and settled on a piece of land which was still in the possession of the family as of 1896. According to Keller (1896): "Christian Garver, the father of the Illinois Garvers, removed from Lancaster, where he married Mary Grim, to Dauphin County, where in 18[2?]7, after his first wife's death, he married a Mrs. Gantz; in which locality he lived on his farm near Middletown until 1841. He met his death by being run down, in a cut, by a Pennsylvania Cen[??] train at Conewago[?] Creek, within sight of his home; he died at the home of Mathias Bri[nest?] where he was taken after the accident. Of Christian's family, John, Jacob and David formed the Garver settlement near Decatur, Ill. about the same time, 18[4?]8, Joseph Rife, Henry Hummel and John Epler with their families located in the same vicinity." See Dauphin Co. Will F-120, 1848, Christian Gerber, Sr.

The children of B18 Christian Garver, Sr. are listed by Runk (1896) who lists 8 children, while Keller (1889) lists 9 children, their descendants and more detail. The order below is from Keller:

B181 John Garver (b. 1777; d. 1862); m (1) Elizabeth Smith ca. 1821 in Dauphin Co., 2 children. After her death in 1824 he m (2) Margaret Wagoner in 1826, 3 children; she d. in 1861 and he m (3) Jane King in 1867 and she d. in 1881. Children: B1811 Elizabeth (Houser), B1812 Mary (Magee), B1813 Nancy (Zorger Thomas), B1814 David W. Garver m. Mary Hiser, and B1815 John W. Garver m. Sarah Magee. See Keller (1889) for additional descendants.

B182 Jacob Garver (b. 1808; d. 1888); m. Susan Hisey in 1820 in Dauphin Co. He located near Decatur Ill. in 1828 and in 1871 he moved to Humboldt, Kan, where his w. died in 1878, leaving 10 children. He m (2) Christiana Se[r?]vin in 1881. See Keller (1889) for descendants.

B183 David Garver (d. by 1896); m. Mary Melhorn in 1830, 10 children: Abraham M., Solomon M., David M., Felix M., Christian, George, Andy M., Katie, Barbara, and Anna. See Keller (1889) for additional descendants.

B184 Samuel Garver; m. Nancy Boyer in Pa. in 1828, 9 children: Ephraham B., Elizabeth, Jonas B., Anna, Samuel B., Mary, John, Catharine, and Chris B. See Keller (1889) for additional descendants.

B185+ Christian Garver, Jr. (b. 1815, Lancaster Co.; d. by 1896) when five years of age came with his parents to Dauphin Co., where he was reared and received his education in the school of that period. In 1836 he was married R. Lord, daughter of James Lord, a native of England, bv whom he had six children. (Runk, 1896). According to Keller (1889), "Christian Garver married Susan Lard about 1830; children John L., Elizabeth, Christian L., Joseph L., and Susan.

B186 Elizabeth Garver (d. Decatur, Ill.); m. Joseph Rife in 1828, one child, Lizzie.

B187 Nancy Garver (d. by 1896) m. -- Epler, 1 son, Abraham, 8 grandchildren. See Keller (1889) for descendants.

B188 Rachel Garver (d. by 1896); m. Henry Hummel in 1826, 8 children; m (2) Daniel Bear in 1873. See Keller (1889) for descendants.

B189 Barbara Garver (d. by 1896) m -- Epler, 8 children. See Keller (1889) for descendants.

Children of B182 Jacob Garver and Susan Hisey. See Keller, 1889 and [Author?], Piatt County, Illinois, Past and Present (date?):

B1821 Christian H. Garver; children Elizabeth, Susan, Mary A., Priscilla, John, Leah.

B1822 Nancy Garver m. John Good; children David, Susan, Anna, Fannie, John, Daniel, James, others?

B1823 John H. Garver (b. Nov. 3, 1825, Dauphin Co., Pa.; d. Aug. 7, 1888, Cerro Gordo, Ill.) m. Dec. 16, 1848 Sarah Jane Hudson; 9 children: Benjamin F., Samuel S., May, J. Albert, Charles A., Addie, Willie, Chester, and Minnie. See writeup in [Author?], Piatt County, Illinois, Past and Present (date?).

B1824 Barbara Garver m. Sanford Rogers; children: Jacob, Jennie, Reuben, Franklin and Lewis.

B1825 Mary Garver m. -- Wallace; children: John, David, William, Mary, D. Hester, --, Charles and James.

B1826 David H. Garver, poultry business in Cerro Gordo; children: Millard, James, Ida, Arlington, Emma, Della, Clara, Ottie, George, Wortha and Peter.

B1827 Samuel H. Garver, a carpenter in Louisiana; children: Nancy E., Amelia, Samantha, Joshua, William, Frank, and Theodore.

B1828 Susan Garver m. -- Johnson of Kansas; children: Matilda and Daniel.

B1829 Daniel H. Garver (b. ca. 1844), store clerk in Decatur, Ill.; children: Louie, Lillie, May and Roe.

B182a Abraham Garver, owned a meat market in Westfield, Ill.; children: Bessie.

Children of B185 Christian Garver, Jr. of Dauphin Co. and R. Lord. From Runk, J.M. & Co. Commemorative Biographical Encyclopedia of Dauphin Co., Pa., pp. 776-777. (1896): [Note: add additional details from Keller]

B1851 John L. Garver m. Sarah Beck in 1856, 8 children: Annie Solomon, Emma, Alice, Mary, Simon, Nicholas, and Lane. See Keller (1889) for descendants.

B1852 Elizabeth Garver m. Jacob Ruth, 3 children: Elmira, Horace, and Annie. See Keller (1889) for descendants.

B1853+ C.L. Garver (b. March 1, 1838, Cumberland Co., Pa.; d. Middletown, Pa.) acquired his education in the schools of Londonderry Twp., which he attended until he was sixteen years of age. In his earlier life he was employed by the Pennsylvania Railroad Co. and in 1875 he began farming. In 1876 he purchased the farm on which he since had his residence. He took an active interest in politics in connection with the Republican party, and held many of the township offices. He and his family attended the United Brethren church. In 1862 he married Catherine Bunser [Kate Brisner, according to Keller], daughter of John and Mary (Barber) Bunser, of Londonderry Twp., by whom he had six children, of whom five were living in 1896:

B1854 Joseph Garver.

B1855 Susan Garver.

B1856 Samuel Garver.

Children of B1853 C.L. Garver of Dauphin Co. and Catherine Bunser. From Runk, J.M. & Co. Commemorative Biographical Encyclopedia of Dauphin Co., Pa., pp. 776-777. (1896). Some additional detail in Keller (1889).

B18531 Albert B. Garver, married Mary Bowser, daughter of Benjamin Bowser; they had two children living in 1896.

B18532 John Garver, married Ellen Moyer, lived at Conoy, Pa. and had three children.

B18533 Harry B. Garver, school teacher at Royalton, living at home in 1876, unmarried.

B18534 Susan Garver, wife of David Brandt; four children.

B18535 Annie Garver, twin, living at home in 1896.

B18536 Katie Garver, twin, died at the age of seven.

Runk (1896) presents a second writeup of the ancestry of J.L. Garver, who appears to have the same ancestry as C.L. Garver. It is presented separately, because there are some differences which suggest that it is a separate, although similar, ancestry. Some alternate candidates for [B18] are B44, B51, F32, G, or T4. B18 Christian Garver, Sr. (d. 1848) was the first of the family to settle in Dauphin Co., about 1805, and located on what came to be known as the old Garver homestead, where he lived until his death in 1848. He had nine children:

B181 John Garver.

B182 Jacob Garver.

B183 David Garver.

B184 Samuel Garver.

B185+ Christian Garver, Jr. (1813 born on the old homestead). He acquired a good education for that period and became a farmer. He was an active member of the United Brethren church. His wife was Susan Lord, daughter of William Lord, of Lebanon Co., and they had five children.

B186 Nancy Garver.

B187 Mary Garver.

B188 Fanny Garver.

B189 child not named.

Children of B185 Christian Garver, Jr. of Londonderry Twp., Dauphin Co.,Pa. and Susan Lord. From Runk, J.M. & Co. Commemorative Biographical Encyclopedia of Dauphin Co., Pa., pp. 776-777. (1896):

B1851 Elizabeth Garver (d. fall 1875).

B1852 John Garver (d. after 1896).

B1853 Christian Garver (d. after 1896).

B1854 Joseph L. Garver (b. Sept. 3, 1840 on the old Garver farm in Londonderry Twp., Dauphin Co.,Pa.; d. after 1896). He lived on the home farm until he was nineteen years of age, after which he engaged in farming on his own account. In 1867 he married Mary C. Bunser, daughter of Rev. John Bunser, of Londonderry Twp. A Republican in politics, he was an active member of the United Brethren church and Mrs. Garver was a member of the United Zion's Children's church. They had one child, B18541 Harry B. Garver, born February 15, 1870; he graduated from the State Normal School at Millersville, July 3, 1890, since which time he engaged in teaching in the public schools.

B1855 Susan Garver (d. after 1896).


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