C. Michael GERBER (1707-1790)

C. Michael Gerber (b. 1707; wp Sept. 23, 1790) arrived, age 27, at Philadelphia Sept. 23, 1734 on the ship Hope Galley from Rotterdam with his wife Anna -- , age 22 (b. 1712), and daughter Anna Gerber, age 6 mo. (b. 1734). The 162-acre Michael Garber homestead, just north of Eden, was warranted in 1741. [1] He erected and operated a mill (one of the first three on the Conestoga River). An unsuccessful attempt was made to have the dam removed because it interfered with the transport of logs down the river. [2] [On Feb. 14, 1760 Michael Garber bought a ½-acre tract in Lampeter Twp. containing a dwelling house and "Oyl Mill...and privilege of the Mill Damm intended shortly to be erected." [3]] In 1770 he sold 100 acres containing a mill to Felix Binkley. [4] In 1770 he bought 600 acres in Cumberland Co. along the Susquehanna R. next to Jacob Knop and sold 300 acres of it in 1771 to [C5] John Garber. [5] In 1786 he sold 162 acres along the Conestoga Creek to his son C2 Michael. [6] Children are mentioned in his Sept. 12, 1789 will and account dated June 7, 1791: [7]

C1 Ann Gerber (b. 1734) m. Jacob Knob, son of Jacob Knopf. They moved to Allen Twp., Cumberland Co. and their children are named in Jacob's will: [8] C11 Michael Knopf; C12 Jacob Knopf; and minors under age 21: C13 John Knopf; C14 Anely Knopf m. Roger Lannan; C15 Elizabeth Knopf; C16 Benjamin Knopf; C17 Christian Knopf; C18 Mary Knopf; and C19 Daniel Knopf.

C2 Michael Gerber (b. Nov. 8, 1747 [9]; d. Feb. 6, 1794) of Manheim Twp. m. Christina Schaeffer, [10] no issue. On Oct. 12, 1786 he purchased from his father 162 acres in Manheim Twp. along the Conestoga Creek. [11] This Michael Garber was perhaps a minister of the Amish Mennonite church during the American Revolution. Michael Garber and Christian Rupp, "Representatives of the Society of people called Amisch Menonists" were among the peace church leaders who met and tried to appease the Lancaster County Committee of Correspondence, the local patriot watch-dog group, on July 1, 1775; they offered to contribute money in lieu of "taking up of arms, which we hereby declare to be against our Consciences." [12] His Oct. 6, 1792 will [13] mentions brothers, sister and associates.

C3 Eve Gerber m. Christian Knop, son of Jacob Knopf. They lived at the Knopf homestead in E. Cocalico Twp., three tracts warranted to Jacob Knupp/ Knop/ Canup in 1753, 1761 and 1769. [14] Christian's will [15] mentions his children: C31 John Knopf, C32 Christian Knopf, C33 Michael Knopf, C34 Ann Knopf, C35 Susannah Knopf, C36 Esther Knopf, and C37 Elizabeth Knopf m. [F27] David Garber.

C4 Elizabeth Gerber m. Isaac Shaffer. On May 31, 1784 Isaac Shaffer of Lebanon Twp. purchased three tracts within a tract called Mannor along a branch of Tulpehocken Creek, Lancaster Co., containing 87, 150¼, and 86+ acres, purchased from Michael Garber and wife Christiana [Schaeffer] of Manheim Twp. and Peter Erb and wife Ann [Schaeffer] of Warwick Twp. [16]

C5 John Gerber (d. ca 1786). In 1771 he bought 300 acres in Cumberland Co. from [C] Michael Gerber. [17] His eldest son C51 Christian Garber was excluded in the will of C2 Michael Gerber [C51 shows as Christopher Carver in Cumberland Co.]; other children are implied in the will of C Michael Gerber. They are named in the July 25, 1791 acknowledgement of his father's will and in John's estate administration with the Orphans Court, dated Nov. 10, 1791: C52 John Gerber; C53 Barbara Gerber; and minors: C54 Elizabeth Gerber; C55 Michael Gerber; C56 Benjamin Gerber; C57 Eve Gerber; and C58 Christina Gerber.

C6 Barbara Gerber m. John Flickinger. John Flickinger of Cocalico Twp. died intestate holding several contiguous tracts, one containing a grist mill & saw mill. These lands were distributed by the Orphans Court Nov. 19, 1821 and Jan. 26, 1822, where his widow Elizabeth and children are named: C61 Henry Flickinger; had a son C611 Henry Flickinger, Jr.; C62 Samuel Flickinger; C63 Catherina Flickinger m. Peter Reed.; C64 Barbara Flickinger m. John Bitting; C65 Elizabeth Flickinger; C66 Benjamin Flickinger (b. ca. 1804); he may also have had a son Michael Flickinger of Swatara Twp. [18]

C7 Catharine Gerber (d. before 1819) m. (1) John Knop, m. (2) Ulrich Werner/Weltner; children: C71 Ann Knop m. Felix Landis; C72+ Elizabeth Knop m. Christian Roop; C73 Mary Knop m. John Cryder; C74+ Jacob Knop m. Mary Witmer; C75 Catherine Knop m. Michael Hoover. [19]


[1]Warrant A-84-64, June 10, 1741; surveyed Jan. 24, 1733/4; Patent A-9-390, July 14, 1741; Patent A-13-63, June 4, 1746, 100 ac., Lancaster Co.

[2]Joseph F. Beiler (1976) states [erroneously?] that this Michael Gerber of Conestoga emigrated in 1751 (see [P] Hans Michael Gerber). Beiler also speculates that he was a brother of [E] Hans Gerber and [F] Christian Gerber of the West Conestoga Amish community. This is supported by the fact that several associates (John Johns, Jacob Kurtz, and John Kurtz) are linked to all three families. No Gerber-Garber gravestones are in the Frantz (Hess), Shirk-Kurtz, and Kurtz-Sherk graveyards in Manheim Twp. See also Deed F-301, Lancaster Co.: on Dec. 5, 1749, Michael Carver paid Melchor Schnider and his wife Margaret £50 for the right to erect a "Mill damn" across Conastogoe Creek, which may flood their 150-acre tract, which is bounded on one side on Conestogoe Creek.

[3]Deed FF-2-370, Lancaster Co.; on June 12, 1760, Michael Carber bought from widow Sarah Lyon a 1.2-acre tract in Lampeter Twp. along the "Connestogoe Creek." (Deed F-318, Lancaster Co.).

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