DA. John Michael Kirber (d.p. 1783)

DA. John Michael Kirber or John Garber (d.p. 1783?) arrived at Philadelphia from Rotterdam on the ship Belinda Townshead, qualified Oct. 5, 1737. [1] This is likely the "John Garber, or Garver, and his wife Elizabeth, who resided in Lebanon Twp. prior to Oct. 7, 1757, when they sold a tract of land a few days after they had received the Proprietaries' warrant therefor. [2] They subsequently removed to the neighborhood of Middletown [Hummelstown].." [3] His 1738 warrant was patented for 184 acres on Quittapatwilla Cr., Lebanon Twp. [4] In 1750 he warranted 150 acres in Lebanon, which was patented to John Ellenberger. On July 10, 1757 he purchased 187 acres on Spring Creek in Derry Twp., [5] which he granted to his son Michael Garber on Dec. 26, 1770. [6] On Mar. 21, 1761 he purchased the adjacent 212 acres on Spring Creek. [7] On May 29, 1761 he purchased 200 acres in Derry Twp., from which he sold 165 acres to his son Christian Carver on Nov. 10, 1768. [8] On several deeds, he is described as a miller. The children of DA John Garber, or Garver, and his wife Elizabeth: [9]

DA1 Christian Garber (d. Aug. 1813) m. Elizabeth --. In 1775 he warranted 50 acres in Derry Twp. In 1790 and 1794 he purchased land in Middletown and Derry Twp., Pa. [10] His 1813 will [11] does not include any children, but leaves his estate to his brother Michael's children (Michael and Christian) and his sisters Betty and Barbara, and the "Mennonist Society of Londonderry, Henry Landis, bishop."

DA2 Jacob Garber. [12]

DA3 Michael Garber, Sr. (b. ca. 1742; d. Aug. 31, 1824; bur. Presbyterian Cem., Hollidaysburg, Pa.) m. ca. 1764 Magdalena Smutz (b. ca. 1764; d. Dec. 21, 1830) [13] and had children: [14] DA31+ Barbara Garber (b. Dec. 30, 1765; d. May 3, 1854) m. 1787 William Forbes, DA32+ Michael Garber, Jr. (b. May 6, 1769; d. Dec. 6, 1845) m. 1792 Margaret Smith, DA33 Magdalena Garber m. 1807 Rice Morris in Staunton, Va., DA34 Elizabeth Ann Garber m. 1806 William Savage in Staunton, Va., DA35 Christian Garber (b. ca. 1775; d. Sept. 22, 1844), bachelor, [15] and DA36 John Garber. [16] In 1770 and 1771 he purchased portions of the tracts along Spring Creek from his father. [17] Before 1782 he moved to York, Pa., [18] when he sold his 3 tracts along Spring Creek in Londonderry Twp. [19] In 1786 he moved to Staunton, Va., but retired to Hollidaysburg, Pa., where his son Christian was a merchant. Michael, Jr. remained in Va.

DA4 Betty Garber m. -- Ebersole.

DA5 Barbara Garber m. Michael Nisley; children: DA51 Elizabeth Nisley m. -- Kauffman; DA52 Michael Neisley; DA53 Mary Neisley m. -- Hege. [20]

DA6 Elizabeth Garber m. [Felix?] Landis; children: DA61 Felix Landis; DA62 John Landis; DA63 Henry Landis; DA64 Christian Landis; DA65 Mary Landis m. -- Alter; DA66 Elizabeth Landis m. -- Weltmer; DA67 Anna Landis m. -- Coffman; DA68 Franey Landis m. -- Brand; DA69 Barbara Landis m. -- Light; and DA6a Catharine Landis m. --Weltmer.


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[15]J. Simpson Africa, History of Huntingdon and Blair Counties, Pennsylvania (1883), pp. 12, 61-63, 104-107: Bachelor Christian Garber was a merchant and distiller in Hollidaysburg prior to 1810, where he donated land for the First Lutheran Church in 1837. His parents died in Hollidaysburg.

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