E. Hans Gerber, Jr. (Feb 1710-Sep 7, 1767)

E. Hans Gerber, Jr. (b. Feb. 1710; d. Sept. 7, 1767) arrived at Philadelphia Oct. 8, 1737 on the ship Charming Nancy with his father Hans Gerber, Sr. (d. 1737). This was the first shipload of Amish to arrive in America. Nineteen male Amish adults are listed. Most of these settled in what is now Berks County, but seven of the families, including Gerber, settled in the Cocalico Amish community in Lancaster Co. A journal of this voyage was kept by an Amish passenger Jacob Beiler. [1] On May 2, 1739, probate court issued a bond for £120 to John Garber, Christian Birkie, and Jacob Byler [note: all were passengers on the 1737 Charming Nancy], subsequent to the death of Hans Garber [,Sr.]. It is likely that [E] Hans was a brother of [F] Christian and [C] Michael Gerber. [2] The Johannes Garber homestead, one mile north of Leola, was warranted Sept. 8, 1742, patented 256½ ac in 1745, and contains a family burial, where Hantz Gerber and Elizabeth -- (b. Mar. 1714-May 14, 1777) are buried, along with several descendants. [3] At his death, Hans owned 4 additional tracts of land: 39½ acres in Leacock Twp., adjacent to the homestead, bought in 1745; 113 acres south of the homestead bought in 1750; 54¾ acres in Earl and Warwick Twps. bought in 1767; two tracts in Earl and Warwick Twps., containing 151 and 8½ acres bought in 1759 and 1763. [4] His estate papers and Orphans Court documents of 1768 and 1769 describe the distribution of these lands. [5]

E1 Hans Gerber (b. ca. 1737?; d. 1805). [6] On Jan. 31, 1759 his father purchased 151 acres in Earl and Warwick Twps., 8.5 acres in 1763, and 54.5 acres in 1767; [7] it is likely that E1 Hans lived on this land until 1770, when his brother E7 Christian moved there. [8] In 1769 and 1770 E1 Hans served as intermediary in the distribution of his father's lands to his brothers. [9] He is on the the Earl Twp tax list of 1769, but does not show on any subsequent Lancaster Co. tax list. In 1770, he purchased 289 acres in Paxtang Twp. on Fishing Creek from Samuel Hunter [10] and in 1771 bought another 94 acres in Paxtang Twp. [11] He sold both of these in 1771. In 1773 he patented [12] a tract in Paxton Twp. and retained 277 acres called "Fort Hunter" and in 1775 purchased an adjacent 136¼-acre tract. [13] The tract was commonly known as Garber's Mills. [14] The election for the members of the first Constitutional Convention (1776) was held at Garber's Mill, which was also a meeting spot for officers during the Revolution. [15] In 1776 he patented two tracts of 54 and 17 acres in Paxton Twp. called "Richardson's Neck." [16] In 1786 he warranted two additional tracts in Paxton Twp. of 212 and 162 acres which were patented to others. [17] In 1787 he sold the mill at Fort Hunter to Archibald McAllister. [18] E1 John Garber next shows up on 1788, 89, 93 and 95 Tax Lists in West Pennsboro Twp., Cumberland Co. In 1788 he purchased land there from Elizabeth McCallister. [19] In 1790 he patented additional land in Cumberland Co. and sold these lands in 1790 and 1794. [20] He is identified in 1794 as a tavern keeper. His family moved to Meadville, Pa. ca. 1795, where he erected a long log house in 1796-97 for a tavern named "Bear Tavern" which he operated. His will is recorded in Crawford Co. [21] They had three daughters: E11+ Sarah Gerber, d. Crawford Co., m. (1) Henry Bosler, m. (2) -- Hahab/Wehab; E12 Rebecca [Peggy] Gerber m. Andrew Berryhill; E13+ Elizabeth [Rachel] Gerber m. Roger Alden, Esq. of Crawford Co. [22]

E2 Michael Garber (b. May 29, 1743; d. Oct. 28, 1823, bu. Hantz Garber Cem) m. Catherine Johns (b. Feb. 28, 1751; d. Apr. 25, 1823), sister of Anna Johns, dau. of Hans Shantz, immigrant of 1737. [23] In 1769 Michael Garber took over the Leacock Twp. 296-acre homestead. He bought an additional 102-acre property from David Bear. Michael Garber's musket was purchased for use in the Revolutionary War. [24] His 1813 will [25] and 1818 codicil distribute his properties and name his children: E21+ Samuel Gerber (b. Aug. 4, 1773; d. Dec. 10, 1835 bur Hantz Garber cem.) m. Mar. 24, 1812 Rebecca Davis and lived at Hanover, York Co.; [26] E22 Catharine Gerber (b. Apr. 27, 1775; d. July 14, 1832, Erb Bridge Cem., Warwick Twp.) m. John Schrantz; E23 Henry Gerber (b. Dec. 19, 1780; d. Oct. 31, 1835 bur Hantz Garber cem.); [27] E24 Michael Gerber (b. Nov. 23, 1786; d. Jan. 24, 1846 bur Hantz Garber cem.) m. Abina - (b. Feb. 28, 1803; d. Apr. 29, 1834 bur Hantz Garber cem.); E25 Sarah Gerber, unmarried; E26 Elizabeth Gerber m. David [Daniel?] Newcommer; and E27 Anna [Nancy] Gerber (b. Oct. 2, 1788; d. Oct. 11, 1855, Carpenter's Cem., W. Earl Twp., Lancaster Co.) m. Isaac Carpenter.

E3 Anna Garber m. John Winter [28] and had children: E31 John Winter, Washington Co., Md.; and E32 Mary Winter m. [B111] Adam Garver, Washington Co., Md.

E4 Barbara Garber (b. Dec. 25, 1746; d. Feb. 4, 1810, Tunker Churchyard, Beaver Creek, Md.) m. ca. 1766 Henry Newcomer (b. Dec. 31, 1744; d. May 14, 1795); he warranted on May 19, 1767, 150 acres in Lampeter Twp., [29] but later moved to Hagerstown, Washington Co., Md. Their children [30] were E41 Samuel Newcomer, E42 Henry Newcomer, E43 Christian Newcomer, E44 Peter Newcomer, E45 Joel Newcomer, E46 Daniel Newcomer, E47 John Newcomer, E48 Joshua Newcomer, E49 Elizabeth "Bettie" Newcomer, E4a Barbara Newcomer, E4b Sarah "Sallie" Newcomer, E4c Mary Newcomer, and E4d Nancy Newcomer.

E5 Magdalena Garber (d. ca. 1818, Lampeter Twp.), unmarried. [31]

E6 Jacob Garber (b. June 1, 1748; d. June 24, 1828, bu. Hantz Garber Cem) m. Christiana K.-- (b. June 12, 1759; d. Dec. 17, 1836, Christ Episcopal, Leacock Twp., Lancaster Co.). A minor in 1769, he chose John Johns of Leacock Twp. as guardian. In 1769 he was granted 113 acres southeast of the Hantz Garber homestead; his 182[6?] will bequeaths the 120-acre plantation to his son Jacob K. Garber and lists his children: [32] E61 Barbara Garber m. (1) George Kessinger, m. (2) -- Ruch; E62 Mary K. Garber m. Dr. Thomas Rowland of Bedford, Pa., son E611 Jacob G. Rowland; E63 Elizabeth Garber (b. Mar. 8 [14?], 1783; d. Dec. 17, 1802, bur Hantz Garber cem.); E64 Henry Garber (b. Sept. 23, 1785; d. June 17, 1863) was "non compos mentis"; [33] E65 Catharine Garber (b. Nov. 28, 1787; d. Jan. 13, 1841), unmarried; E66 Jacob K. Garber (b. Sept. 2, 1795; d. July 30, 1850). [34]

E7 Christian Garber (b. Jan. 18, 1750; d. May 4, 1815, bu Heller's Salem Reformed Church, Leacock) m. Jan. 11, 1779 Anna Johns (b. Oct. 6, 1762; d. July 21, 1854, bu Heller's), daughter of John Johns/Schantz and Catherine Erb. [35] A minor in 1769, he chose John Kurtz [KZA2] of Manheim Twp. as guardian. In 1770 his trustees took over his father's lands in Earl and Warwick Twp. for Christian and Henry. He was taxed in Earl Twp. in 1771, 72 and 73. [36] During the Revolutionary War, from 1775 on, Christian served as a "waggoner," driving his own horses and wagon, hauling supplies to such points as he was ordered. [37] Christian's will was written in 1815, while Anna's will was written Jan. 9, 1852. [38] At his death in 1815 he lived in Earl Twp. and owned a lot in Lexington, Warwick Twp. [39] He was buried on the family farm, but "Jacob L. Garber, of Greenville, Ohio, had the remains of his ancestry exhumed from a field cemetery of West Earl Twp. in the spring of 1883 and interred in 'Heller's Cemetery,' and to their memory he erected a white bronze monument." [40] Government stone in Heller's reads: "J.W. - Palmer's Indep't. Co., Pa. Inf." Children of E7 Christian Garber: E71+ Jacob Garber (d. before 1820) m. Nancy Erb; E72+ John Garber (b. Jan. 15, 1780; d. Jan. 2, 1864, bu Heller's ch.) m. Rachel McArthur; E73+ Susanna Garber (b. before 1815) m. - Good; son E731 David Good.

E8 Catherine Garber (b. Feb. 28, 1751; d. Apr. 25, 1823, bur. Hantz Garber Cem.). A minor in 1769, she chose Christian Rub [Rupp?] of Earl Twp. as guardian; she married Jacob Greiter of Lampeter Twp., no children. [41]

E9 Hennerich Garber (b. Feb. 14, 1753; d. Apr. 18, 1810) m. May 1, 1792 Elizabeth Bard (b. Mar. 28, 1762; d. May 7, 1831, both bur. Hantz Garber Cem.). [42] A minor in 1769, he chose John Johns of Leacock Twp. as guardian. In 1770 his trustees took over the lands in Earl and Warwick Twp. for Christian and Henry; in 1774, he sold his 159-acre parcel to his brother Christian. [43] In 1793 Henry Garber purchased land in Cocalico Twp., between Ephrata and Akron near the Cocalico Creek. [44] He witnessed the June 2, 1795 Cumberland Co. deed of E1 John Garber, tavern keeper. [45] The will of Henry Gerber, who was married with no children, names his 10 brothers and sisters and provides for the division of his 67 acres in Cocalico Twp. [46] In 1816 his widow Elizabeth bought 10 acres in Leacock Twp. along Leacock Rd., where she lived until she died in 1831. [47] She was a daughter of Margaret Bard of Leacock Twp. [48]

Ea Elizabeth Garber (b. 1753/55; d. before 1811). A minor in 1769, she chose John Kurtz [KZA2] of Manheim Twp. as guardian; she m. Jacob Kafroth; dau. Ea1 Salome Cofroth/Kafrode. [49]

Eb Peter Garber (b. after 1755; w.p. May 29, 1838), A minor under age 14 in 1769, Christian Rub [Rupp] of Earl Twp. was appointed as guardian. In 1786 Peter Garber obtained a land patent in W. Cocalico Twp. (north of Denver) and later purchased other land in Ephrata Twp. near the lands of John and Henry Garber. [50] He married Catherine -- and they had 5 children. He was a "trusty friend" of Christian Knopf of Cocalico Twp. Peter's 1834 will names his children and distributes his land to his sons Charles and John: [51] Eb1+ Peter Gerber (b. Jan. 23, 1793; d. Aug. 27, 1834, Middle Creek Brethren cemetery) m. Mary --; Eb2 Charles Garber m. Susanna --; Eb3 John Garber m. Elizabeth --; Eb4 Elizabeth Garber m. Samuel Kemper (d.p. 1855); and Eb5+ Catharina Garber m. Henry Herr, son Eb51 Jacob Herr.


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