H. Benedict Garber (Oct 18, 1732-Jun 12, 1817)

H. Benedict Garber (b. Oct. 18, 1732; d. June 12, 1817) emigrated from Niederbronn, Alsace, Lorraine, Germany in 1738 [?], settled in Upper Providence, now Montgomery Co., Pa., 2½ miles south of the Trappe, m. 1758 to Dorothea Loreht (b. 1733; d. 1807), and served in the Revolutionary War. [1] He was an extensive land proprietor. His parents died on shipboard. [2] Children of Benedict Garber, all born at Trappe, Montgomery Co., Pa.:

H1 Johan Heinrich or John-Henry Garber (b. Feb. 3, 1759; d. Nov. 24, 1786) m. Johannes Boyer; children: H11 Deborah Garber; H12 Anna Garber; and H13 Lydia Garber m. -- Kelley.

H2 Jacob A. Garber (b. July 3, 1761; d. July 25, 1851) m. in 1791 Elizabeth Reiner; he was choirmaster of the old Augustus church at Trappe, noted for his powerful bass voice; children: H21 Adam Garber (b. Apr. 13, 1792; d. Sept. 10, 1799); H22 John Garber; H23 Benedict Garber; H24 Jacob Garber; H25 Susanna Garber m. -- Peterman; H26 Sarah Garber m. -- Miller; H27 Hannah Garber m. -- Croli; and H28 Elizabeth Garber m. -- Pennypacker.

H3 Johan Carl or John Charles Garber (b. July 12, 1762; d. July 14, 1819) m. Aug. 8, 1785 Elizabeth Scherer; children: H31 Joseph Garber (b. Feb. 17, 1786); H32 Hannah Garber (b. Oct. 4, 1787; d. Feb. 3, 1835); H33 Isaac Garber (b. Oct. 16, 1792); H34+ Samuel Garber (b. Feb. 3, 1798; d. May 30, 1877) m. in 1833 Susan Hiltebeidel; and H35+ Charles Garber (b. Mar. 22, 1806) m. Harriet --.

H4 Catharine Garber (b. July 4, 1765; d. Sept. 24, 1821) m. Aug. 16, 1785 John Essig; 3 children: H41 Hannah Essig; H42 Mary Essig m. -- Turner; and H43 Elizabeth Essig m. -- Grisbock.

H5 Johannes Garber (b. July 4, 1767; d. Oct. 10, 1822, Pikeland Twp., Pa.) m. Catherine Nultane.

H6 Benjamin Garber (b. Feb. 20, 1769; d. Aug. 6, 1818) m. in 1794 Hannah Reiner (b. 1774; d. 1861) and resided at the old homestead "Garwood." Children: H61+ Charles Garber (b. 1790) m. Sarah Paul; H62+ Henry Garber (b. Mar. 23, 1792; d. Nov. 1, 1848) m. in 1814 Susanna Paul (b. 1789; d. 1832); H63 Angelina Garber (b. 1806) m. Rev. Frederick William Waage of the Lutheran St. Paul's congregation, E. Greenville, Pa.; one son, H631 Rev. Oswin F. Waage; H64 Rebecca Garber (b. 1806) m. -- Harper; H65 Rachel Garber (b. 1806) m. -- Harpel; and H66 Maria Garber (b. 1806) m. in 1836 Rev. Samuel A. Bumstead.

H7 Joseph Garber (b. Feb. 27, 1772; d. Feb. 20, 1773).


[1]Rebecca Catherine Brooks, a descendant of John-Charles Garber filed DAR Record No.637548 in 1979 stating that Benedict Garber was a private, 3rd class in Capt. Jacob Peterman's Fourth Co. (Upper N. Providence), 6th Batt., Philadelphia Co. Militia in 1780. She cited Pa. Archives, 6th Series, Vol. 1, pp. 894. See also H.W. Kriebel, The Perkiomen Region, Vol. xii, No. 3 and 4 (Oct. 1934), pp. 163-164, Upper and Lower Providence Land Grants: 94 acres in the William Markham Tract in 1759 was granted to Benedict Gerber, weaver (deeds H-6-43 and H-17-273, Philadelphia Co.).

[2]See Egle (1901), v. 11, p. 44. Additional details, obtained from LDS, were provided by Edward (Ned) W. Garber of Edgewood, NM. See also A. K. Burgert (1992), p. 197-199: Benedict was a son of Heinrich Gerber, from Neiderbronn-les-Bains, who died on the voyage, probably the Charming Nancy of 1738 [Heinrich might have been a brother of [G] Hans Christian Gerber]. The children of Heinrich and his wife Anna Catharina (from Neiderbronn Lutheran) were: [?] Joh. Jacob (b. 1724); Maria Catharina (b. 1725); Maria Salome (b. 1727); Anna Dorothea (bap. 1730); and Benedict (b. 1732). A note from Muhlenberg's Journals describes a discussion with Anna Dorothea, who said in 1738 she lost at sea her father, mother, grandfather [Joh. Jacob Gerber, see Burgert, p. 199], and three brothers and sisters. She and her brother were raised by a Mennonite near Germantown; she subsequently m. Joh. Philip Sperr, lived near Shippach and had 10 children.


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