I. Johannes Gerber

I. Johannes Gerber arrived at Philadelphia Sept. 21, 1742 on the ship Frances and Elizabeth from Rotterdam via Deal, England. [1] Twelve Amish families (Gnage, Zug, Gut, Gerber, Miller, and Yoder) were on this ship and all but one of these families joined the Amish communities in upper Berks County (Irish Creek and Northkill settlements). In 1744, some of these families moved to the Northkill settlement. [2] This group is also mentioned in a letter of the Mennonite Hans Burkholder, questioning why the Dutch Commission on Foreign Affairs was giving aid to the Amish.


[1]Also on the ship list was a Henry Cerber/Cerver, whose name was not adjacent to that of Johannes; Johannes signed his name, while Henry marked. It is doubtful that Henry was from a Gerber family and he was not likely related to Johannes.

[2]MacMaster (1985), p. 71.


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