A Message from the Compilers

Jerry and I have been researching GERBER GARBER GARVER genealogies for many years. Like many genealogists, we often become confused by several individuals of the same name, living in the same area at the same approximate time. Some time ago, I started this compilation of information from many sources and attempted to link it to various GERBER GARBER GARVERs on ships' lists. I gave a copy of an earlier version of this list to Jerry several years ago, and he found it helpful in solving a mystery of one of his ancestors, a mystery which had plagued him for a long time. Jerry subsequently came up with a lot of additional details which filled many holes in my original list.

We thought it would be useful to others to post this information. There are undoubtedly errors, which we would like to fix. And there are a lot of holes. If you can point out problems or add additional information, please snail-mail the authors at:

Steven R. Garver, 3811 Knightsbridge Road, Skaneateles, NY 13152. (315) 685-6707

Jerry R. Masters, 6906 W. 130th Street, Overland Park, KS 66209. (913) 685-2331

Or you can e-mail us at: SRGarver@AOL.com or JMast98957@AOL.com

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