O. Johanes (H.) Gerber (d. 1779) and OA Joseb Gerber

O. Johanes (H.) Gerber (d. 1779) and OA Joseb Gerber arrived at Philadelphia Aug. 28, 1750 on the ship Phoenix from Rotterdam via Cowes, England. Hans and Joseph Gerber are generally thought to be brothers; they were both Amish; and they were both taxable in Cumru Twp., Berks Co. in 1762. [1] Many of their descendants are buried in the Gerber-Fix-Bitting cemetery near Reading. [2] Issue of O Hans and (1) Christina -- Gerber:

O1 Hans Gerber (b. 1747; d. Aug. 8, 1819) m. Anna Marie --; children O11 Leah Gerber (b. Nov. 6, 1778) m. Daniel Strolicker; [3] O12+ David Gerber; O13+ John Gerber; O14 Sarah Gerber (b. 1786; d. 1858) m.Michael Fisher ; O15 Susanna Gerber m. Samuel Diem; O16 Elizabeth Gerber m. William Sharman.

O2 Catherine Gerber (b. Jan. 28, 1749; d. May 8, 1783) m. Bishop Christian Stoltzfus (Gingerich SF5+).

O3 Veronica Gerber (b. Dec. 9, 1750) m. George Lamb (Laub).

O4 Barbara Gerber (b. Feb. 18, 1753) m. Christian Smucker (Gingerich SM5+).

O5 Jacob Gerber (b. Dec. 15, 1755; d. by 1799) m. Elizabeth --; children: O51+ John Gerber (b. ca. 1786; d. 1865, Elkhart Co., Ind.) m. Elizabeth Kauffman; and O52 Barbara Gerber m. Samuel Hazlett. The family of O51 is also presented by Eash, [4] who gives [erroneous?] ancestry.

O6 Magdalena Gerber (b. Feb. 15, 1758) m. Christian Kauffman (Gingerich KF36+).

O7 Anna Gerber (b. Sept. 19, 1760).

O8 Christian Gerber (b. Mar. 10, 1763; d. June 17, 1841) m. Anna Yoder (Gingerich YR173) and moved to Somerset Co., Pa.; children O81+ John Gerber (b. 1787; d. 1863) m. Christina --; O82 Catherine Gerber (b. 1788) m. (1) John Berkey, m. (2) George Yutzy; O83 Jacob Gerber (b. 1790; d. 1827); O84 Anna Gerber (b. 1792 m. David Baughman; O85 Magdalena Gerber (b. 1794; d. 1840) m. Jonas Stutzman; O86+ Christian Gerber (b. 1796; d. 1826) m. Mary --; O87 Elizabeth Gerber (b. 1798; d. 1839) m. Jost Justus Stutzman; O88+ David Gerber (b. 1801; d. 1872) m. Susanna Buechtel; O89+ Daniel Gerber (b. 1804; d. 1835) m. Mary [Conrad?]; O8a+ Elias Gerber (b. 1807; d. 1847) m. Mary Richard.

O9 Elizabeth Gerber (b. Oct. 18, 1766; d. ca. 1779).

Oa Abraham Gerber (b. Apr. 22, 1769; d. Mar. 11, 1840) m. Magdalena Yoder and moved to Somerset Co., Pa.; children Oa1+ John Gerber (b. 1793; d. 1860) m. Magdalena Keck; Oa2 David Gerber (b. 1795; d. 1818); Oa3 Anna Gerber (b. 1797; d. 1858) m. John Schrock; Oa4+ Benjamin Gerber (b. 1799; d. 1867) m. Elizabeth Hochstetler; Oa5 Sarah Gerber (b. 1801; d. 1886) m. Jacob Stutzman; Oa6+ Abraham Gerber (b. 1804; d. 1877) m. Anna Miller; Oa7+ Jacob Gerber (b. 1807; d. 1865) m. Elizabeth Miller; Oa8+ William Gerber (b. 1809; d. 1882) m. Catherine [Mishler?]; Oa9+ Christian Gerber (b. 1811; d. 1895) m. Catherine Miller.

By his second wife, Susanna --, Hans had issue:

Ob Johannis Gerber (b. Jan. 17, 1772; d. Nov. 14, 1819, bu. Union Hall Cem., East Whiteland Twp., Chester Co., Pa.) m. Barbara Zug, daughter of Henry Zug and Barbara Kurtz; children: [5] Ob1 Henry Garber; Ob2+ John Garber (b. ca. 1800; d. Oct. 27, 1845), Deacon and Trustee at Great Valley Baptist Church, m. Ann Jones; Ob3 Phebe Garber m. Lewis Lewis; Ob4 Sarah Ann Garber; Ob5 David Garber; Ob6 Samuel Garber; Ob7 Barbara Ann Garber; Ob8 Susanna Garber; and Ob9 Daniel Garber.

Oc Daniel Gerber (b. Aug. 25, 1775; d. Sept. 1839) m. Catherine Kline (b. 1781).

OA. Joseph (or Yost) Gerber m. Barbara Blank, the daughter of Dr. Hans Blank; she m. (2) Christian Umble. Joseph owned land in 1767, but removed to Salisbury Twp with his father-in-law. The children of Joseph and Barbara Gerber:

OA1 Mary Gerber (b. Dec. 10, 1769; d. Mar. 28, 1863) m. John Yoder (Gingerich YR143+).

OA2 Magdalena Gerber who died single; Gingerich lists her as Barbara (d. 1831).


[1]Beiler (1976). See also Early Amish Land Grants in Berks Co., Pa., Pequea Bruderschaft Library (1990), pp. 13 and 19: [O] John Gerber, GB1, purchased 140 acres, Deed A-5-332, Apr. 15, 1768, from Evan Harry, from tracts warranted 1734 and 1739 by Henry Harry; John Gerber purchased another tract from the widow of Edward Harry on Apr. 21, 1775; Gerber sold a part of these purchases on Nov. 4, 1775, Deed B-1352, to Abraham Kurtz [KZA13]. GB11 [O1] Hans Gerber acquired and subdivided portions of these tracts and purchased and sold other lands about 3 miles to the southwest, near Mohnton.

[2]A detailed genealogy of the O Hans Gerber family is presented in Gingerich (1986), family GB1; the family is also listed in an article in the Diary of the Old Order Amish (May 1971), p. 99, which [erroneously?] states that Hans and Susanna came to America in 1737 and settled in the Northkill. Other authors (Clark Garber, 1937 & 1964; Shoup, 1993; Brethren Encyclopedia, p. 529; and R.F. Flory, Lest We Forget, 1974) claim this same Johanes (H.) Gerber, immigrant of Aug. 28, 1750 on the ship Phoenix, as their family ancestor, however, the Johannes H. Gerber described by these authors is AB1 John Garber, son of the immigrant of 1726[?], who first settled in Coventry Twp., Chester Co..

[3]Leah's granddaughter Loretta Strohecker Conaty filed DAR Record No. 90191 in 1923 stating that Leah's father John Garber (b. July 4, 1753; d. Jan. 1818) was a private in Capt. William Bell's Co., 4th Batt., Lancaster Co. Militia of Col. James Burd in 1776; and was on the rolls as private in Capt. Andrw. Stewart's Company, 4th Batt., Lancaster Co. Militia of Col. Robert Elder in 1778, 79, 81 and 82. She cited Pa. Archives, 5th Series, Vol. 7, pp. 357, 384, 410, 1006 and 1039; and Henry County, Ill. Patriot Biographical Album (1885), p. 631. [It is possible that the John Garber was actually E1 in this compilation. SRG.]

[4]Sam T. Eash and George C. Cross, Family Record of John Garver and Elizabeth Kauffman with Four Generations of their Descendants (1967). John Garver (Garber), 1786-1865, moved from Juniata Co., Pa. to Elkhart, Ind. Eash [erroneously?] speculates that his John (#1) is the grandson of [F2] John Garver (Garber) of DJH Family 7173 [Rev. Harvey Hostetler, Descendants of Jacob Hochstettler (1977)] and his father is [F2a] Michael of DJH Family 7334.

[5]See detailed writeup: Garber of Tredyffrin Township, Chester County, author and date unknown, on file at Montgomery County Historical Society; the author erroneously speculated that this family descended from Benedict Garber. Ob John Garber was a trustee of the “Ominist Minist & German Baptist Societies” in 1816 during building of the first Amish Mennonite Meetinghouse in America. See Dorothy B. Lapp, “Union Hall,” The West Chester Academy Thru 1821; a Nov. 21, 1961 letter of C.Z. Mast to Harry Samworth; and four articles by Maurice A. Mook: “Extinct Amish Mennonite communities in Pennsylvania,” Mennonite Quarterly Review (Oct. 1956); “A Community That Failed,” Christian Living (Oct. 1956); “An Early Amish Colony in Chester County. Pa.,” Mennonite Historical Bulletin (July 1955); and “An Early Amish Colony in Chester County,” The Morning Call (Mar. 5, 1955).


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