SA. Michael Garber (b. 1733) and SB. Jacob Garber (1732-1800)

 SA. Michael Garber (b. 1733) and SB. Jacob Garber (b. 1732), ages 20 and 21, arrived at Philadelphia Sept. 15, 1753 on the ship Patience from Rotterdam via Cowes, England. [1] This may be Jacob Gerber, staymaker, with two houses at Race and Second St., Philadelphia, who wrote his will Feb. 21, 1761, proved Mar. 26, 1761, leaving a wife Mary (sister of Isaac Roush) and four children: [2]

SB1 Charles Gerber.

SB2 Mary Gerber.

SB3 Bettsey Gerber.

SB4 (unborn in Feb. 1761) -- Gerber.


[1]Clark Garber (1937, 1945 and 1964) suggests that three Garber brothers were on this ship: Michael Garber (b. 1733), Jacob Garber (b. 1732), and Simon Garber (b. 1731). However, examination of the ship list in Strassburger and Hinke (1992) casts doubt on the “three-brothers” speculation. The signatures were not adjacent to one another. Jacob signed his name, while Michael and Simon used a mark; if they were brothers, it would be expected that they would all sign or all mark. Finally, Simeon’s name is spelled Carber and Gerbick, adjacent to a Leonard + Gerbick; it is assumed that he was not a Gerber/Garber. Clark Garber (1945 and 1964) claims that the 1753 immigrant Jacob Garber was born in or near Basel, Switzerland and was the ancestor of the Ohio Garber family presented in his five volumes. The descendants of Michael and Simon were unknown to him. Clark Garber claims that Jacob, a Dunkard or Baptist Brethren, settled near Johnsville, Md., probably moved to Virginia, and had 9 children. However, four of the children he cites were children of AC2 Samuel Garber: [AC27] Rev. Jacob Garber; [AC23] Catharine Garber (b. 1758; d. 1839) m. Israel Bigler; [AC29] Jonathan Garber (b. 1769; d. 1850) m. Elizabeth Hufford; and [AC28] Barbara Garber (b. 1771; d. 1851) m. Joseph Grable. It is not known if the other children listed by Clark Garber were those of a Jacob Garber: Samuel Garber; Michael Garber, b. ca. 1755; Henry Garber; Solomon Garber; and ?Simon Garber.

[2]Will M-67, Philadelphia Co., exrs. Mary Gerber and brother-in-law Isaac Roush; wit. John Hearsley and Christian Schibeler.


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