19th Century Gerber Garber Garver Immigrants

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ZD. Joseph Garber, b. abt 1804 m. Eliza Jane Palmer, b. 5 Mar 1812, d. 25 Nov 1904; dau. Eliza J. Palmer m. -- Young. (Xshea@aol.com email dated 97-01-31 00:28:56 EST).

ZG. Joseph Gerber, born May 6, 1806, Lorraine, Germany; died February 2, 1882; buried in Imhoff Cemetery, Congerville, Illinois; married Magdalena Sommer in 1833; wife born August 2, 1815, Alsace, Germany; wife died August 2, 1902; buried Imhoff Cemetery, Congerville, Illinois. Joseph Gerber came to America at age 24 and arrived February 10, 1830, in New York City. He came to Illinois in 1838. Joseph had four brothers and four sisters, some of whom migrated to America. See Ruth Gerber King, Bishop Samuel Gerber: A Brief Look at the Lives and Times of His Ancestors, Family, and Descendants (1991). Children of Joseph Gerber and Magdalena (Sommer) Gerber:

ZG1 Christian Gerber, born December 20, 1834, Ohio; died October 16, 1911; buried in Hickory County, Missouri; married Rosina Mosser February 13, 1862; wife born March 19, 1842, Orrville, Ohio; wife died June, 1919; buried in Mennonite Cemetery, Berne, Indiana. His grandson Joseph Roman Gerber founded the Gerber Legendary Blade Company.

ZG2 Jacob Gerber, born October 20, 1837, Ohio; died January 7, 1864; buried in Maurer Cemetery, Congerville, Illinois; married Catharine Ropp October 27, 1861; wife born April 6, 1843; wife died May 21, 1907; buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetery near Tremont, Illinois. His grandson was Bishop Samuel Gerber (1863-1929).

ZG3 Anna Gerber, born February 9, 1840, Illinois; died February 16, 1924; buried in Alliance, Nebraska; married Iddo Joder December 5, 1861; husband born November 2, 1838; husband died December 14, 1901; buried in Alliance, Nebraska.

ZG4 John Gerber, born February 22, 1843, Illinois; died May 9, 1843; buried in Maurer Cemetery, Congerville, Illinois.

ZG5 Joseph E. Gerber, Jr., born September 28, 1844, Illinois; died August 14, 1897; buried in the North Danvers Mennonite Church Cemetery; married Magdalene Ehrisman January 14, 1875; wife born February 3, 1848; wife died April 3, 1916; buried in the North Danvers Mennonite Church Cemetery.

ZG6 Peter S. Gerber, born November 15, 1846, Illinois; died March 18, 1932; buried in the North Danvers Mennonite Church Cemetery; married Catherina Habecker February 19, 1869; wife born June 8, 1851; wife died July 21, 1918; buried in the North Danvers Mennonite Church Cemetery.

ZG7 Eli Gerber, born May 24, 1849, Illinois; died October 2, 1931; buried at Burwell, Nebraska; first marriage to Jacobina (Phoebe) Gundy November 20, 1873; first wife born 1850; first wife died October 8, 1877; buried in Lantz Cemetery, Carlock, Illinois; second marriage to Fannie Gundy 1879; second wife born August 6, 1844; second wife died August 28, 1932; buried Burwell, Nebraska.

ZG8 Samuel B. Gerber, born July 17, 1851, Illinois; died March 16, 1940; buried in Upland, California; married Catharine C. Naffzinger January 20, 1874; wife born December 20, 1855; wife died December 31, 1929; buried in Upland, California.

ZG9 Elizabeth Gerber, born September 2, 1853, Illinois; died April 6, 1936; buried in Park Hill Cemetery Mausoleum, Bloomington, Illinois; married John Henry Myers December 26, 1871; husband born August 24, 1850, in Hida, Germany; husband died October 1918; buried in Park Hill Cemetery Mausoleum, Bloomington, Illinois.

ZGa Daniel Gerber, born April 26, 1857, Illinois; died April 9, 1930; buried in West Lawn Cemetery, Omaha, Nebraska; married Caroline Magdalena Myers in 1885; wife born December 16, 1865, Carlock, Illinois; wife died April 20, 1957; buried in Park Hill Cemetery, Bloomington, Illinois.

ZF. Deacon Michael Gerber (b. 1763) m. Anna Nuenschwander (b. ca. 1769), left Langnau, Switzerland Apr 22, 1822, boarded ship at Havre, France May 31, 1822 and arrived at New York Aug 4, 1822, at sea 66 days; his nephew Jacob Gerber kept a diary describing this trip. On this trip were Michael, his five children, his brother Ulrich, nephew Jacob and sister Barbara. Ancestry and descendants are described by E.P. Gerber in Historical Sketches of Seven Generations. Descendants of Deacon Michael Gerber. 1763-1938. Kidron, Ohio. (1938). He settled in Sonnenberg, Wayne Co., Ohio.

E.P. Gerber claims ancestry from [ZF0.1] Christian Gerber (b. 1730) of Langnau, Switzerland), whose children were:

ZF0.11 = ZF Deacon Michael Gerber (b. 1763) m. Anna Nuenschwander (b. ca. 1769); see below.

ZF0.12 Christian Gerber (b. 1768) m. Anna Habegger; their two children were: ZF0.121 Jacob Gerber, immigrated 1822, m. (1) Anna Lehman, m. (2) Elizabeth Lehman, 6 children: ZF0.1211 Christian Gerber (d. in boyhood); ZF0.1212 Elizabeth G. Gerber m. J. Baumgartner, no children; ZF0.1213 Peter J. Gerber, 3 children; ZF0.1214 Magdalena Gerber m. Abe Schwartz, no children; ZF0.1215 Anna Gerber m. Peter Sommer, 8 children; ZF0.1216 Katharine Gerber m. Dan Tschantz, no children; ZF0.122 Catharina Gerber m. Pete Liechty (d. Switzerland), Catherina came to USA in 1853, 8 children: ZF0.1221 Barbara Liechty (b. 1813), m. Clause Liechty, 5 children; ZF0.1222 Christian Liechty (b. 1815), m. Anna Lugibihl, 10 children; ZF0.1223 Anna Liechty (b. 1818), m. U. Schwartz, 2 children; ZF0.1224 Jacob Liechty (b. 1821), m. Manna Marie Tschume, 8 children; ZF0.1225 Emanuel Liechty (b. 1825; d. 1920), m. Elizabeth Kirchofer, 14 children; ZF0.1226 Marianna Liechty (b. 1828), m. David Winteregg, 7 children; ZF0.1227 Elizabeth Liechty (b. 1828), m. Jacob Steiner, 10 children; ZF0.1228 Rebecca Liechty m. Peter C. A. Fortuna of Mo., 7 children.

ZF0.13 Barbara Gerber (b. 1733), immigrated 1822, m. Ulrich Lehman, no children.

ZF0.14 Ulrich Gerber (b. 1783), immigrated 1822, m. (1) Elizabeth Lederman, m. (2) Barbara Falb; 4 children: ZF0.141 Christian Gerber (b. Sep 6, 1823, Putnam Co., Ohio) 4 children; ZF0.142+ Abraham Gerber m. Jan 10, 1856 Magdalena Hofstetter, descendants in E.P. Gerber (1938); ZF0.143 Michael U. Gerber (b. Jul 7, 1832) 7 children; ZF0.144 Catharine U. Gerber m. May 4, 1852 Christ Straum.

The children of [ZF] Deacon Michael Gerber were (see descendants in E. P. Gerber, 1938):

ZF1 Barbara Gerber (b. 1797; d. 1870) m. -- Hofstetter.

ZF2 Anna Gerber (b. 1799; d. 1844) m. -- Zuercher.

ZF3 Catharina Gerber (b. 1801; d. 1877) m. -- Falb.

ZF4+ John M. Gerber (b. 1803; d. 1879); ZF4x Peter M. Gerber (1837-1908); ZF4xx Peter P. Gerber (1871- ); ZF4xxx Elam Gerber (1898-196x); ZF4xxxx Kenneth W. Gerber (1924- ); ZF4xxxxx Mark A. Gerber (1949- ); ZF4xxxxxx Nicholas H. Gerber (1981- ) [from handwritten note in copy of E.P. Gerber (1938) text].

ZF5 Ulrich Gerber (b. 1809; d. 1874).

ZJ. John Garber, b. 1822, came from north of Stutgart Germany in 1839 where he settled in near Chester County PA and then to Pine Forge, Berks County PA., according to family members. Liz Miller (emiller@erinet.com (Elizabeth Miller) email dated 97-05-08 00:58:53 EDT). John Garber (b.1822 d.-) married Elizabeth Herbine in 1843. From this marriage, known children are:

ZJ1 Edwin Garber (b. 1865 in Pine Forge, PA) **; Edwin Garber married Mary Scheffer (sp ?) in 1886. Know children from this marriage are: ZJ11 Samuel Garber (b.Nov 30,1898 d. Sept 9,1964) Shenkel Cem, Chester PA **; ZJ12 Claude Garber; ZJ13 Eva Garber; ZJ14 Martha (Marty) Garber; ZJ15 Edwin (ducky) Garber. Samuel Garber married Ann Elizabeth Fritz (b.May 10,1900 d. Apr 5,1969) on Dec 1,1917; Known children from this marriage are: ZJ111 Samuel Stanley Garber; ZJ112 Helen Garber m. Carl Bechtel; ZJ113 Elizabeth (Betty) Garber m. Harvey Schaeffer; ZJ114 Shirley Garber m. Ralph Benfield; ZJ115 Alice Garber m. Joe Miller; ZJ116 Robert E Garber **.

ZJ2 Ellen Garber.

ZJ3 Elizabeth Garber.

ZJ4 Mary Garber.

ZJ5 Kate Garber.

**Robert Garber is my dad. Almost all of my Garbers are still in the Pottstown area. (emiller@erinet.com (Elizabeth Miller) email dated 97-05-07 18:30:54 EDT to Peggy Sue Wilson).

ZL. Jacob Gerber, b. 3 March 1821, Alsace-Lorraine, d. 7 October 1902, Thompson Township, Seneca, Ohio, bur. St. Michael's Cemetery, Thompson Township, Seneca, Ohio; m. 12 July 1847 at Thompson Township, Seneca, Ohio, Barbara Heitz, b. 1825, d. 8 February 1861, Thompson Township, Seneca, Ohio, bur. St. Michael's Cemetery, Thompson Township, Seneca, Ohio. Jacob Gerber settled in Ohio, and his 18 children settled in Ohio, Kansas, California, and Michigan. Jacob and Barbara Gerber had 6 children:

ZL1. Barbara Gerber (1848-1868).

ZL2. Jacob Gerber (1850-1936).

ZL3. Maria Anna Gerber (1853-1923).

ZL4. John Gerber (1854 - 1934).

ZL5. Joseph Gerber (1857-1885).

ZL6. Philomena Gerber (1859 - 1934). Jacob m. (2) 16 July 1961, Thompson Township, Seneca, Ohio, Magdalena Schneider, b. 5 October 1834, Alsace-Lorraine, d. 3 January 1913, Thompson Township, Seneca, Ohio, bur. St. Michael's Cemetery, Thompson Township, Seneca, Ohio.

Jacob and Magdalena Gerber had 12 children:

ZL7. Michael Gerber (1862 - 1928).

ZL8. Elizabeth Gerber (1863 - 1949).

ZL9. Ludwick Anton Gerber (1864 - 1865).

ZLa. Clara Magdalena Gerber (1866 - 1952).

ZLb. Rosa Gerber (1867 - 1947).

ZLc. Anna Barbara Gerber (1869 - 1908).

ZLd. Leo Gerber (1870 - 1940).

ZLe. Lena Gerber (1872 - 1957).

ZLf. Alois Gerber (1873 - 1948).

ZLg. Agatha Gerber (1875 - 1961).

ZLh. Matilda Gerber (1877 - 1964).

ZLi. Pauline Gerber (1879 - 1968).

Denise -- (Jpiotro461@aol.com email dated 97-02-05 12:29:49 EST).

What I know of Jacob Gerber's immigration to the U.S. is from family stories (written or spoken) which have been passed along. I haven't been able to locate any substantial evidence regarding his origins and immigration. What I have been told is that Jacob Gerber came to America when he was in his early 20's [ca 1841-1846]. He then returned to Alsace-Lorraine to complete his required military service and afterwards returned to America. The Gerber Family was Catholic - I assume that Jacob Gerber was Catholic before he came to America. Three of his daughters joined the Precious Blood Convent, which has it's roots in Switzerland. Many of Jacob Gerber's descendents are nuns, priests and even a bishop in the Catholic Church. The Precious Blood order came to America in the late 1700's/early 1800's. A school, church and convent were started in Ohio - near Thompson Township. I was lucky enough to find a book on the history of the Precious Blood order written in 1945, which does a fantastic job in documenting it's beginnings in America. I have also been able to find many of the family records through St. Michael's Catholic Church Records. It is said that Jacob Gerber was assisting other families from his homeland in their journey to America. His second wife was from a family which he helped. Apparently, her father had died in Alsace-Lorraine and her mother died during the voyage to American. Jacob Gerber married her shortly after she arrived in America. (JPiotro461@aol.com email dated 97-02-06 08:33:50 EST).

ZN. Christian Gerber and his second wife, Elizabeth (Zmutz/Smutt) Gerber were both natives of Canton Berne, Switzerland. Christian was born in 1802 and Elizabeth in 1826 and they and all their ancestors were of the Swiss Reformed Church. They married in Switzerland and all their children except David were born in the old country. Christian's first wife had the surname Rohrbach and her first name is currently unknown. In 1852 the little family embarked on a sailing vessel from Antwerp, Belgium and forty-two days later arrived in New York City. Thence they pursued their westward journey by railroad to Cleveland, Ohio, on to Fort Wayne, Indiana by the Miami Canal, and on the banks of the canal they loaded their simple posessions into a wagon drawn by ox teams and came to what is now the Village of Berne, Indiana when all that country was almost a total wilderness. The woods were filled with game when they arrived and they built their first homes in the woods. Christian lived the industrious life of a farmer until his death in 1884. His widow, Elizabeth, survived him until 1914 and passed away at the age of eighty-eight. (From the book, Standard History of Adams and Wells Counties, Indiana, by John W. Tyndale and O.E. Lesh Vol. 1, c1918.)

Ulrich Gerber's ancestors: 1566 - Walti Gerber (a minister) was beheaded for his faith; 1596 - Josiah Gerber paid $1,000 bail for his wife - banished for faith; 1598 - Hans Gerber forfeited $12,000 of his property for helping anabaptists; 1709 - Elisibeth Gerber, wife of Peter, banished to West Indies for her faith; 1712 - Hans Gerber (a deacon) was condemned to the galleys in Italy. (Ulrich Gerber facts from the book "Amstutz/Switzerland - America/1693-1989/ by Susan F. Amstutz.)

Christian Gerber (10 Oct 1802, Canton Bern, Switzerland - 15 Jul 1885, Berne, Adams Co., Indiana) m. (1) -- Rhorebaugh (Rohrbach), 4 children; m. (2) in 1846 Elizabeth (Zmutz) Smutt, 4 children:

ZN1 Christian J. Gerber (22 May 1828, Canton Bern, Switzerland - 17 Apr 1916, Berne, Adams Co., Indiana) m. 16 Aug 1864 Fannie Spichiger; Children: ZN11 Benjamin Gerber ; ZN12 Christian Gerber ; ZN13 John J. Gerber ; ZN14 David Gerber ; ZN15 Abraham Gerber ; ZN16 Aldine Gerber ; ZN17 Elizabeth Gerber. ZN 11 Benjamin Gerber (27 Jun 1874, French Township, Adams Co., In - 30 Jul 1940, Berne, Adams Co., Indiana) m. 16 Dec 1899, Vera Cruz, Harrison Twp., Wells Co., Indiana, Isabelle Schwartz; children : ZN111 Christian Edward Gerber; ZN112 Florence Gerber; ZN113 Frances Gerber. ZN111 Christian Edward Gerber (22 Apr 1909, French Township, Adams Co., In - 27 Oct 1972, Chicago, IL) m. 22 Jun 1935, Berne, Adams Co., Indiana, Harriet Louise Habegger; child: ZN1111 Eric Ross Gerber (3 Aug 1939, Berne, Adams Co., Indiana - ) m. 6 Aug 1960, Redkey, Indiana, Helen Marie Anderson: children: ZN11111 Anthony 'Tony' Rian Gerber; ZN11112 Todd Cristian Gerber.

ZN2 Fred Gerber (3 Jan 1832, Switzerland - 28 Mar 1902, Berne, Adams Co., Indiana).

ZN3 Magdalena Gerber (Oct 1838, Oberant Bern, Switzerland - 17 Mar 1917, Berne, Adams Co., Indiana) m. 29 Dec 1864, Vera Cruz, Wells Co., Indiana, Karl (Charles) Schwartz.

ZN4 John Gerber (12 Dec 1842, Switzerland - 21 Aug 1936, Berne, Adams Co., Indiana) m. (1) 6 Oct 1868, Newville (Vera Cruz), Wells Co., Indiana, Anna Moser, 2 children; m. (2) 20 Nov 1875 Caroline Spichiger. Children: ZN41 Fannie Gerber, ZN42 Paul Gerber.

ZN5 Gottlieb Gerber (8 Jul 1847, Switzerland - 8 Jun 1916, Berne, Adams Co., Indiana) m. 1873 Catherine Speicher; children: ZN51 David Gerber, ZN52 Robert Gerber.

ZN6 Rosetta Gerber (27 Jun 1852, Canton Bern, Switzerland - 2 Feb 1941, Berne, Adams Co., Indiana) m. 20 Nov 1873, William Christian Speicher. Children: ZN61 Robert Speicher ; ZN62 Martha Speicher ; ZN63 Ida Speicher ; ZN64 Edwin Speicher ; ZN65 William Speicher ; ZN66 Esther Speicher.

ZN7 Robert Gerber.

ZN8 David Gerber(1 Mar 1861, Wabash Township, Adams Co., Indiana - 14 Dec 1943, Decatur, Adams Co., Indiana) m. (1) 21 Feb 1883 Cecile (Susie) Luginbill, m. (2) 27 Nov 1887 Sarah Moeschberger, 4 children: ZN81 Lulu E. Gerber; ZN82 Edgar H. Gerber; ZN83 Nettie Gerber; ZN84 Tilman H. Gerber.

The above was abstracted from the website of Anthony Rian (Tony) Gerber http://spaceformusic.com/ancest-shock.html.

ZV. Alfred Gerber was from Bern, Alendorf Berne (county or province), m. Marie Schneiter, from Spitz, Switzerland, migrated in the mid-1880's and settled in upstate NY, first living in Mendon and a few years later buying a farm in the town of Perinton, near Fairport, NY. Their grandson was the husband of Janiemg. She was born in Ithaca, NY and her husband was born on the above-mentioned farm. (Janiemg@aol.com email dated 97-01-30 14:42:35 EST).

ZW. My ancestors originated from Germany and Switzerland, then settled in Milwaukee and Nebraska, then in Sandpoint, Idaho. There was a woman named Rosa Gerber who lived in Nebraska, and a brother named Otto. I know this is very sketchy; I'm still in the beginning stages of my search. If you have any more info , let me know. I will get back to you when my dad, Vincent P. Gerber in Spokane, WA, has gone over the info!!! (Gerbgirl@aol.com email dated 97-02-10 16:18:33 EST).


My 8th GGP were Hans Langanegger born c 1565 in Bern, Switzerland (CHE) and Anna Neuenschwanger. Their son Ulrich Langanegger born 1599 married Catharina Gaeumann on 10 Aug 1629. Their son David Langanegger born 1642 and his wife Madlena Gerber migrated from St. Bartholomew to Langnau, Switzerland, to America. I believe they were Huguenots and Mennonites. Their son Rev. Daniel Longacre was naturalized in Berks County, PA, in 1730 and died in Lancaster County, PA, in 1756. Unfortunately, this is all I know about the surname Gerber. K. Edward Lay, ncarb, Cary D. Langhorne Professor of Architecture, University of Virginia, 104 Wilson Ct., Charlottesville, VA 22901. Office 804.924.6444. Fax 804.982.2678. Home 804.973.6151. Web Home Page http://poe.acc.virginia.edu/~kl2u/; Longanegger Internet URL: http://members.aol.com/mmarghall/ longenecker.html. (kl2u@virginia.edu (K. Edward Lay) email dated 97-02-13 19:57:02 EST).

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