A. Christian GERBER (ca 1705-1769)

A. Christian Gerber (b. ca. 1702; d. 1769) emigrated 1700-1720 [1]or 1729, [2] whereas Keidal [3] states that Christian was the grandson of an immigrant who arrived "about the year 1695." Christian Gerber was one of the Mennonite signers at Conestoga of an April 1728 petition for naturalization. [4] He resided in (West) Hempfield Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa., surveyed May 22, 1735. [5] Davis [6] places this [A] Christian Gerber in his Family "A" with ancestry traced to Michael Gerber, b. ca. 1538, of Langnau. [A] Christian Gerber was married to Catharine --, died Jan. 1769 [7] and had the following children: [8]

A1 Jacob Gerber (b. ca. 1720; d. 1801) m. by 1753 Mary --. In 1760 he purchased the upper half of his father's homestead and on Aug. 8, 1765 Jacob Carver of Hempfield Twp. purchased 121¼ acres in Paxtang Twp. from Jacob Care; in 1770 he bought his brother Michael's land in Donegal and in 1778 moved from Hempfield Twp. to Donegal Twp; 8 children: [9] A11 Jacob Gerber was unable to take care of himself, according to his father's will; A12 Mary Gerber m. Daniel Bear (b. June 1763; d. 1834) and settled in Manheim (now Heidelberg) Twp., York Co.; A13 Addy Gerber m. Christian Brand of Mt. Joy Twp., Lancaster Co.; A14 Ann Gerber (unmarried); A15+ Andrew Gerber (b. May 8, 1761; d. Dec. 24, 1847) m. Mary Nolt and was the father of A152 Jacob Gerber [10]; A16 John Gerber m. Anna (Kauffman?); he purchased his father's farm in Donegal Twp. in 1802 and sold it in 1822; it is not known what happened to him after that; A17 Catherine Gerber m. George Mumaw (b. 1762; d. 1835); moved to Westmoreland Co. in 1794; bur. at Mennonite Cemetery, Alverton, E. Huntingdon Twp., Westmoreland Co.; A18 Christian Gerber (b. 1775; d. 1849) m. Nancy Horsch and settled in Newberry (now Fairfield) Twp., York Co.

A2 Christian Gerber (b. ca. 1723; d. 1806) m. Catherine --; in 1760 he purchased the southern half of his father's homestead and owned land in Manor Twp. between 1779 and 1791; [11] children: A21 Maria Gerber (b. ca. 1743) m. Peter Sterneman; A22 Andrew Gerber m. Susanna Sherck and removed to York County. [12] A23+ Christian Gerber m. --Segrist, settled upon his father's farm, and had one son, A231 Jacob B. Garber (b. 1800), a notable botanist; [13] A24 John Gerber settled in Kansas; A25 Catherine Gerber m. John Stauffer; A26 Ann Gerber married Michael Segrist; A27 Abraham M. Gerber (b. June 22, 1776; d. Aug. 23, 1850, bu Garber Menn. Cem., Menges Mills, York Co.) m. Veronica Sprenkle, resided in York Co. [14]; A28? (daughter) married -- Weidman of Manor Township.

A3? (daughter) m. Jacob Kerr.

A4 Michael Gerber (b. ca. 1733; d. 1769) of Donegal Twp., m. Elizabeth --; one child A41 Michael Gerber (b. ca. 1767; d. 1769/70). Elizabeth m. (2) by 1770 Christian Newcomer, and on Dec. 17, 1770 sold the Donegal farm to Michael's oldest brother Jacob. [15]

A5 Catherine Gerber (b. ca. 1735) m. (1) John Neff (b. ca. 1718; d. 1760), 2 children, and m. (2) Jacob Charles.


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[3]George C. Keidal, Dr. Abram P. Garber: A Biographical Sketch. Papers Read Before the Lancaster County Historical Society, 18 (Oct. 2, 1914), pp. 199-217. Keidal is probably in error stating that Christian's father was John Gerber whose will was proved June 6, 1748 in Lancaster Co. with a brother Nicholas whose Feb. 24, 1748 will was also proved on June 6, 1748 in Lancaster Co. and perhaps another brother who settled in Virginia. See progenitors [AB] and [AC].

[4]Barbara L. Weir, "Mennonite Naturalization," Mennonite Family History (July 1980), p. 112. The signature of Christian Gerber on the petition matches that on his Nov. 5, 1768 will.

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[12]"Andrew, on the occasion of the battle of Brandywine, was returning home with his team, after drawing wheat to Newport, when he was surrounded by Federal soldiers, who crowded into the wagon, mounted the horses, and hung from every available spot, while they forced him to carry them beyond the reach of the victorious enemy." Ellis (1883), p. 890. Allan Garber, in correspondence of Dec. 1, 1997, indicated that his 1985 article incorrectly stated that Andrew m. Susanna Hertzler.

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[15]Deed 23-325, Lancaster Co., land purchased from his father in 1766, Deed 23-321, Lancaster Co.


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