AB. Hans Gerber/ Garver (b. 1700; d. 1748)

AB. Hans Gerber/ Garver (b. 1700; d. 1748) possibly emigrated in 1726. Johannes Garber was a signer of the petition on "May ye 10th" 1728 from a number of settlers in Colebrook Valley, asking for protection from the attacks of the Indians who had already attacked the settlers near Falckner's Swamp and Goschenhoppen. [1] He was in Coventry Twp., Chester Co., Pa., by 1729. [2] In 1744 he apparently moved to the Mennonite settlement in Heidelberg Twp., now York Co., along with his brother AC Nicholas Gerber; see below. AB Hans Gerber likely lived on the 100-acre farm owned by AC Nicholas; inventories of their estates were both written Apr. 26, 1748, both in the same style and handwriting. The inventory of Nicholas included the Plantation at £150, while the inventory of Hans included the improvements at £115. John Gerber's will was written Mar. 5, 1748 and proved June 6, 1748, [3] executors Samuel Bechtly and Andrew Hershy; witnesses Frederick Gelwick and Martin Beyer (Boyer); [4] wife and children are mentioned but not named. Nicholas' widow Elizabeth subsequently remarried Michael Miller, which may have had an influence on the dispersion of Hans' children as they came of age.

AB1 Johannes (H.?) Garber (b. ca. 1728-32; d. 1787, Shenandoah Co., Va.) [5] in 1751 bought land in York Co. [6] and married, ca. 1752, Barbara Miller (b. 1733; d. 1808), a daughter of Michael Miller. In 1761 he sold his farm and moved his family to Bedford Co., Pa., where they lived for the next twelve years. [7] Johannes was ordained an elder and ministered to the congregation at Beaver Dam. In 1775 he moved to the Flat Rock area near Harrisonburg, Va., where he was a farmer and shoemaker and organized several large Brethren congregations in northern Virginia. He and his wife are buried in the family cemetery on the hill behind their home at Flat Rock. His will, written Sept. 4, 1787 and recorded Dec. 27, 1787, left two-thirds of his estate to his ten children: [8] AB11+ Elder John Garber m. Barbara Zook; AB12+ Samuel Garber (b. 1756; d. 1814) [9] m. Mollie Stoner; AB13+ Abraham Garber m. Elizabeth Humbert; AB14+ Martin Garber (b. 1761; d. 1814) m. Rebecca Stoner [10]; AB15 Anna Garber m. Daniel Miller; AB16+ Jacob Garber m. Susanna Humbert; AB17 Daniel Garber m. (?) Susanna Miller; AB18+ Catherine Garber m. John Flory; AB19+ Elder Joseph Garber m. Catherine Leedy; and AB1a+ Magdalene Garber m. George Wine.

AB2 Martin Garber (b. ca. 1733; d. ca. 1800), m. Anna [Preston?] and moved to Frederick Co, Md. [11] Children: AB21+ Martin Garber (d. 1815) m. Hanah --; AB22 John Garber (b. June 4, 1772; d. 1848), bachelor Elder of Beaver Dam Church [12]; AB23+ Christian Garber m. Mary Morningstar, moved to Bridgewater, Rockingham Co., Va.; AB24 Mary Garber m. John Deal; AB25 Samuel Garber m. Catharine Diehl and moved to Dayton, Va.; AB26 Magdalena Garber m. John Wampler and moved to Shenandoah, Va. in 1811; AB27+ Henry Garber m. Margaret --.

AB3? Nicholas Carver (b. 1742), moved to Va. in 1783. [13]


[1]See Daniel Wunderlich Nead, Pennsylvania-German in Settlement of Maryland (1914); and J. M. Henry, History of the Church of the Brethren in Maryland (1936). The signature of Johannes Garber on the petition is identical to the signature on his will in 1748. Johannes Garber and Christian Stoner, the German Baptist Minister, signed together; Dr. Henry [erroneously?] believed the signer was [AB1] Johannes Garber.

[2]Richard Warren Davis, "Swiss and German Mennonite Immigrants from the Palatinate, 1718-1726." Mennonite Family History (Apr. 1994), p. 85; according to Davis, he was not found on any passenger list between 1727 and 1729; Davis [erroneously?] attributes the children of [AB] Hans to [AC] Niclaus. See also Coventry Twp. Tax Records 1693-1747: [AC] Nicholas Carver (Gerber) obtained a warrant Jan. 14, 1734 for 150 acres in Coventry Twp.; Survey A-75-289, Chester Co., later accepted by Wm Thomas June 6, 1747; Michael Miller obtained a warrant Feb. 15, 1737 for 200 acres in Coventry Twp., which was vacated (date unknown). [AB] John Garber and Jacob Enger returned a survey for 366 acres on the west side of the Schuylkill River in Coventry Twp., Chester Co. on June 12, 1735; land was bounded by lands of Jacop Casdrop, Casper Mengle, Jacob Sherrar, Hessley Peter and Jacob Steager, but the warrant was not proved (City of Philadelphia Warrants & Surveys, 1735, v5, p93).

[3]Will Y-2-192, Lancaster Co.

[4]Landis (1965) discusses these families, who lived near Bair's Mennonite Meetinghouse, east of Hanover, where many are buried.

[5]Davis (1995) gives his birth date as ca. 1728. Richard R. Weber, "Who Named John Garber?" and supplemental articles in Fellowship of Brethren Genealogists Newsletter (Winter 1992-93, Summer 1993, Fall 1995, and Spring 1996) believes some authors have [erroneously?] assumed his birth date as 1717, from his tombstone which reads: "17JHG87;" he furthermore speculates that the weathered tombstone actually reads: "11 JOH G 87" or "11 JOHN G 87." Other possible errors arise in Clark M. Garber, The Garber Historical and Genealogical Record, v. 1, nos. 1, 2, and 3 (1937, 1938, and 1939) and v. III (1964); Lela Landis Shoup, “Some of the Montgomery County, Ohio Garbers with a Brief Outline of their Early Beginnings in America,” Fellowship of Brethren Genealogists Newsletter, Vol. 25, No. 1 (Spring, 1993), abstracted from Clark M. Garber (1964); Brethren Encyclopedia (1984), p. 529; and R.F. Flory, Lest We Forget (1974). These authors [erroneously?] select as their progenitor Johanes (H.) Gerber, immigrant of Aug. 28, 1750 on the ship Phoenix. See O Johanes (H.) Gerber in this paper. They furthermore claim that Johanes went to the home of Michael Garber in York County, Pa. [we believe this is questionable], but soon bought land of his own where he built a home and married, ca. 1752, Barbara Miller. Floyd R. Mason, 115 E. Rainbow Dr., Bridgewater, VA 22812, has recently prepared a book on the descendants of John (H.) Garber and Barbara Miller.

[6]Deeds A-526 and A-529, York Co.: On Jan. 2, 1751 John Gerber purchased 200 acres in Codorus Twp., which was warranted Nov. 9, 1750 to Hans Zimmerman; Johannes Gerber, of Shrewsbury Twp., sold 170 acres of this to John Shaffer, of Dover Twp., on Dec. 15, 1761 and 30 acres to Henry Neff on Dec. 14, 1761. John Neff and his wife were baptized on Apr. 24, 1748 into the Conestoga Brethren congregation and moved to York Co. at an early date. Soon after the congregation was formed at Codorus, Henry Neff became minister (his family is listed in Early German Settlers of York Co., Pa., p. 333). He labored under the care of Elder Jacob Danner, who organized the Codorus congregation in 1758. Neff and Danner may have had an influence on John's becoming associated with the Brethren. Henry Neff's family is described in ?Codorus Church of the Brethren (date?), pp. 166-168.

[7]Deed L-515, Frederick Co., Md. John Garber bought a 21½-acre tract called "Garbers Good Luck" from Jacob Danner on June 3, 1767. On May 22, 1775 he returned this tract to Danner (Deed BD-1-539-40). John reportedly moved to Bedford Co. before moving to Maryland. See also Elmer Q. Gleim, The History and Families of the Black Rock Church of the Brethren (1738-1988) (1987), p. 60. See also H. Austin Cooper, Two Centuries of Brothers Valley Church of the Brethren (1962), pp 126-129, 376-377: Elder John Garber moved from York Co. to Somerset Co., Pa, (then Bedford Co.), where he became minister at Brothers Valley in 1771 before moving to Beaver Dam, Md. in 1773; his sons Martin and Samuel married daughters of Elder Jacob Stoner, who lived in Brothers Valley, before moving to Beaver Dam.

[8]A detailed compilation was prepared by Barbara N. Sharp (1997).

[9]Barbara N. Sharp, in Descendants of Johannes H. Garber, unpublished draft lineage dated Feb. 10, 1997, lists the 15 children of Samuel Garber; these are the same children attributed to Rev. Levi Garber, as presented by Cora (Garber) Gregory in Mohler-Garber Family History (1921).

[10]Miller, Joanna Garber. The B.F. and Annabelle Garber Family and their Descendants. (1997); Benjamin Franklin Garber (b. 1853; d. 1923) was a great-grandson of AB14 Martin Garber.

[11][AB2] Martin Garber obtained a warrant for 50 acres in Berwick Twp. May 31, 1762, which was patented to Peter Klunk on Mar. 29, 1831. Martin appeared on the 1762 tax record in Manheim and Berwick Twp. Martin may have stayed on the original Nicholas Garber land with his cousin [AC3] John Gerber, as John did not appear on the 1762 Manheim Twp. tax roll, but did appear on the 1771 tax roll for Manheim Twp. On Dec. 19, 1766 Martin purchased from Jacob Danner 150 acres called "Limestone Rock" on Israel Creek (Deed K-303, Frederick Co., Md. ). On Mar. 23, 1769, Martin Garber, cordwainer, rented to John Preston part of his tract called "Stony Ridge" (Deed M-15, Frederick Co., Md. ). On Aug. 7, 1771 he returned these two tracts to Danner (Deed Q-462, Frederick Co., Md. ) and on Aug. 24, 1771 purchased from Henry Diggs a 270-acre tract called "Cedar Cliffs" (Deed Q-?, Frederick Co., Md. ).

[12]The will of bachelor John Garber was written Oct. 16, 1844 and proved May 8, 1848. He leaves his land "Cedar Cliffs" to his nephews [AB211] Solomon and [AB217] Martin Garber and names many children of his siblings. In 1828 he furnished money for building the church house at Beaver Dam (History of Frederick County, Md., p. 461). See detailed writeup by J. Maurice Henry, History of the Church of the Brethren in Maryland (1983), pp. 229-232.

[13]He is on the outline of Davis (1995) at "B" 3134, but we have not located any records of him. Davis also includes a son Daniel Carver (b. ca. 1738). On Dec. 18, 1766 he bought a 80-acre tract in Frederick Co., Md. called "Stephen's Hope" and on Jan. 9, 1767 he bought an adjacent 9-acre tract called "Much Grumbling" from Stephen Ulrich and Nicholas Martin (Deeds K-922 and K-919-20, Frederick Co., Md.); Ulrich and Martin were associates of Michael Miller. This Daniel Gaver (d. 1799) was a son of Johannes Peter Geber (unrelated to Gerbers), immigrant on the ship Brittania of Sept. 21, 1731.


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