AC. Niclaus Gerber (1698-1748)

AC. Niclaus Gerber (b. 1698; d. 1748) arrived in Pennsylvania on Aug. 17, 1729 with a large group of Mennonites on the ship Mortonhouse. Davis [1] places AC Niclaus Gerber in his Family "B" with ancestry traced to Ulrich Gerber (b. ca. 1605) m. Barbara Farni. Nicholas Gerber originally settled in Coventry Twp., Chester Co. [2] and in 1744 bought land at Hanover Twp, York Co. [3] He m. Elizabeth --, who m. (2) Michael Miller (b. May 10, 1692; d. 1771). [4] The will of Nicholas Gerber was written Feb. 24, 1748 and proved June 6, 1748, [5] the same day as that of his brother AB Hans Gerber. Several authors [6] include AC2, AC3, and LB as children of B Hans Jacob Gerber.

AC1 Elizabeth Gerber (b. ca. 1722-30?) m. Jacob Good and lived at Frederick (Washington Co.), Md.

AC2 Samuel Garber (b. ca. 1727; wp Mar. 8, 1793, Frederick Co., Md.), shoemaker and farmer, left the home farm with his younger brother John and obtained a warrant for 169+ acres in Dover Twp. on Mar. 14, 1755, surveyed June 1, 1756. Subsequently, he purchased 274½ acres in Manheim Twp., [7] close to the original home farm. On June 9, 1772, Samuel Carver of Frederick Co., Md. purchased from Leonard Kitzmiller a 102½-acre tract called "Ivy Church" on Beaver Dam Branch of Little Pipe Creek in Frederick Co., Md., following his cousins John and Martin to join the newly-formed Beaver Dam Church of the Brethren near Woodsboro, Md. He is listed as Samuel Carver in Frederick Co., Md., [8] when his estate was divided among his eleven children: AC21+ Christian Garber (d. 1809) m. Rebecca Eller, AC22 Samuel Garber, AC23 Catherine Garber, AC24 John Garber, AC25 Anna Garber, AC26 Martin Garber, AC27 Jacob Garber, [9] AC28 Barbara Garber, AC29 Jonathan Garber (b. 1774; d. 1850), AC2a Elizabeth Garber, and AC2b Christiana Garber.

AC3 John Gerber (d. 1804, Manheim Twp., York Co.) m. Catherine -- (d. 1815) died owning the original 100 acres which his father had purchased in 1744, along with an adjoining 44+ acres his executors patented May 15, 1810. [10] Children:

AC31 Anna Gerber m. Henry Boyer; AC32+ Christian Gerber (d. before 1804); AC33 John Gerber m. Elizabeth Leiner(t); AC34+ Nicholas Gerber (d. 1804) m. Eva Schultz; AC35+ Elizabeth Gerber m. Peter Shultz; AC36 Magdalena Gerber m. Gotleb Himen; AC37 Mary Gerber m. John Boyer; AC38+ Samuel Gerber (d. 1816); [11] AC39 Barbara Gerber m. John Royer; AC3a Salome Gerber m. John Newcomer; AC3b Joseph Gerber (d. 1850) m. Eve --.

AC4 Ann Gerber m. John Rife. [12]


[1]Davis (1995), p. 175. See also Richard Warren Davis, Emigrants, Refugees and Prisoners, Vol. II (1997), p. 41: [AB] Hans and [AC] Nicholas Gerber, ages 9 and 11, were sons of Nicholas Gerber, age 48, and Anna (Bachman), age 44, on the reconstructed 1709 census of the Enkenbach Congregation of the Pfalz.

[2]See Coventry Twp. Tax Records, 1693-1747: Nicholas Carver (Gerber) obtained a warrant for 150 acres in Coventry Twp. on Jan. 14, 1734, Survey A-75-289, later accepted by Wm. Thomas on June 6, 1747; Michael Miller obtained a warrant for 200 acres in Coventry Twp. on Feb. 15, 1737 that was vacated (date unknown); [AB] John Gerber apparently held no land, as no warrants or deeds are recorded showing him with land ownership.

[3]J.A. Bankert, Digges' Choice Land Tracts, pp. 1-3; see also Landis (1965), "The Hanover Environs Tour." [AC] Nicholas Gerber and [AB] Hans John Gerber, Michael Miller, and Samuel Bechtell all settled on adjoining farms in Manheim (now Heidelberg) Twp., York Co., a tract called "Batchelor's Choice" purchased from John Stinchcomb of Baltimore Co., Md. on Feb. 7, 1744, recorded Mar. 25, 1746. They were all Mennonite families who settled in one of the oldest permanent Mennonite settlements in Heidelberg Twp., York Co. They followed Michael Danner, who settled in 1738 in the rich farming lands of the Conewago Valley near "Digg's Choice" on the banks of Codorus Creek, with a number of Mennonites from Lancaster Co. Michael Danner was later active in the Church of the Brethren, and his son Jacob organized the Codorus Brethren Church in 1758. The families of Michael Miller and Samuel Bechtel are listed in Gleim (1987).

[4]Floyd R. Mason, Immigrant Michael Miller of 1692 and Many of his Descendants (1986). York Co. Orphans Court Book A-47, Dec. 10, 1756, shows that Michael Miller intermarried with Elizabeth, widow of Nicholas Gerber, leaving four children of the deceased. Michael Miller had purchased land in Washington Co., Md. in 1745 and sold his York Co. land "Batchelors Choice" to Samuel Bechtel (Deed C-446, York Co., dated Mar. 7, 1752).

[5]Will Y-2-183, Lancaster Co. names executors Christian Kehr and Samuel Bechtly; witnesses Frederick Gelwick and Martin Beyer (Boyer); wife and children are mentioned but names only the eldest son Samuel and the eldest daughter Elisabeth. Samuel is to receive the plantation, when he comes of age, and pay shares to his brothers and sisters.

[6]See notes under [LB] Christian Garver. Davis (1995) speculatively includes as the children of Nicholas Gerber in his outline the 4 children: AB1, AB2, AB3 and AB4, who are the children of [AB] Hans Gerber; see also Filbin (date?).

[7]Deed A-544, York Co., Dec. 15, 1761; warranted 100 acres to Christopher Schocky, Dec. 16, 1758, Survey 565, Penn Twp.

[8]See Wills Liber GM #2, Frederick Co., Md., Jan. 17, 1793; executors of this will were his son John and John Stoner, brother of Molly Stoner, who m. [AB12] Samuel Garber, and Rebecca Stoner, who m. [AB14] Martin Garber. Additional descendants are listed in B.N. Sharp, Descendants of Jacob Garver/ Gerber/ Carver (Feb. 2, 1997, unpublished).

[9]Floyd Mason, in Niclous Garber Family Record (1997), indicates that the children of [AC27] Jacob Garber (his #127, p. 16) are the same as those attributed to Rev. Jacob Gerber, son of the 1753 immigrant, presented by Clark Garber (1937 and 1964).

[10]Patent H-3-505, York Co. This tract of 142+ acres was sold July 27, 1813 in satisfaction of his estate by heirs Henry Boyer and Anna his wife to Frederick Bentz, Jr. (Deed 2X507, York Co.); see also Will L-205, York Co., written Oct. 23, 1804, executors Samuel Harnisch and Samuel Baechtel, proved Jan. 12, 1805. Mason (1997) includes [AB2] Martin Garber as a son of Niclaus, rather than [AC3] John Gerber.

[11]He may be the Samuel Gerber, Private on the Sept. 5, 1814 Muster Roll if 1st Regt., 2nd Brig. Infantry of Pa. Militia under Capt. John Mauger at York, Pa. (Pa. Arch., 6th Ser., Vol. 8, p. 1193). He died in the U.S. military service (War of 1812?); his Apr. 12, 1817 account was exhibited at York Co. by George Haller, Esq., administrator. There is another Samuel Garber I (b. ca. 1775; d. July 25, 1814) presented by William H. Gager in A Genealogy of Some Garbers and Zents of Richland Co. (Ohio: 1975). He was a farmer and soldier, died in the War of 1812 at battle of Lundy's Lane in Ontario. He m. ca. 1800 Ann Mock (b. ca. 1777), dau. of Alexander Mock/Mack, Woodberry Twp., Bedford Co., Pa., while a John Garber m. Ann's sister Elizabeth Mock (b. 1769; d. 1856). Samuel Garber I was progenitor of Garbers in Richland Co., Ohio and had 3 sons, probably b. in York Co., Pa.: John Garber (b. York Co., Pa.) went to Iowa, progenitors of the Iowa Garbers; Samuel Garber II (b. May 8, 1804; d. Apr. 27, 1893, Jefferson Twp. near Bellville, Ohio) m. Catharine Leedy, 12 children; David Garber (b. Sept. 26, 1806) m. Eve Kusard. Gager outlines the descendants of Samuel II, cites an [erroneous?] ancestry [information of A and F Christian Gerber] for Samuel I, and states that he was not related to Rev. Jacob Garber [

AC27]. We are currently unable to establish the ancestry of this line of Samuel Garbers.

[12]Mason (1986), pp. 17-19. See also Emmert F. Bittinger, "The Jacob and Varena Bowman Family," Mennonite Family History (July 1997), p. 125.


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