B. Hans Jacob GERBER (1693?- )

B. Hans Jacob Gerber (b. 1693) [1] arrived on the ship Hope of London Aug. 28, 1733, which also lists Maria Barbar Kerwar (b. 1703), and children Jacobs Kerwar (b. 1723), Hans Jerick Kerwar (b. 1724), and Jan Kerwar (b. 1726). [2] Christian Kerr, executor of the 1748 will of AC Niclaus Gerber, was also on this ship. On Mar. 7, 1742 Jacob Kerber bought a tract of 150 acres in Manchester Twp., York Co., adjoining Francis Worley and George Swoopes, bought from John Hendricks; on June 2, 1748 Jacob Garber assigned this land to his son George Gerver. Hans Jacob and Marie Barbara had 5 children:

B1 Jacob F. Gerber (b. 1723) m. Engela --. He is the grandfather of the Garvers who settled near Decatur, Ill.; his descendants also settled in Washington Co., Md., and Lancaster, Franklin, and Dauphin Co., Pa.: [3] B11+ John Gerber; B12+ Jacob Gerber; B13 Felix Gerber; B14 Elizabeth Gerber; B15 Anna Gerber; B16 Barbara Gerber; B17+ Abraham Gerber; and B18+ Christian Gerber. [4]

B2 Hans Jerick (George) Gerber (b. 1724; d. 1791) m. May 7, 1749 Elisabeth Margaretha Bott (b. May 3, 1731; d. Sept. 7, 1753, Lutheran Church, York). He was taxed in York in 1779 and his probate inventory was filed in York Boro in 1791. Their children: B21 Catharina Barbara Gerber (b. Feb. 26, 1750) m. Oct. 29, 1770 Benjamin Fahnestock at STR, son of Dieter Fahnestock; B22 Johan Bartholomew Gerber (b. Nov. 11, 1751; d. young?) [5]; and B23 Margaretta Garber m. Wyrich Bentz of West Manchester Twp., York Co. [6]

B3 Jan (or John) Gerber (b. Mensingen, Wurtemburg, June (or Aug.) 10, 1726; d. Nov. 4, 1759) m. 1756 Susanna Margaretha Wolff (b. ca. 1736; d. in childbirth 1757). [7]

B4 Philip Gerber (b. Sept. 11, 1730; d. single Mar. 18, 1759). [8]

B5 Elizabeth Margaret Gerber (b. Apr. 3, 1731; d. Sept. 7, 1753). [9]


[1]A German family group sheet, source unknown, shows Hans Jacob Gerber, geb. 1693 and Frau Marie Barbara, geb. 1703, from Munsingen, Wttb., immigrated Phil. 28.8.1733 Schiff "Hope"; Sohn Johann 1756: York, Pa., USA.

[2]J.G. Keller, The Garver Family (1889), claims that Jacob Gerber emigrated from Switzerland about 1730 and had 5 children (he lists 4). J.T. Garver, Paper Read by J.T. Garver at the Garver Reunion, Pleasant Home, Ohio, September 9th, 1897 (1897) also lists 5 children: John, Samuel, Nancy, Jacob F., and Christian. This same family is also presented by E.E. Garver (1903), Melchora Garver (1942), and Lois Garver (1987). Barbara N. Sharp, Descendants of Jacob Garver/ Gerber/ Carver Feb. 2, 1997 unpublished draft lineage (1997) believes that John (Jan, b. 1726), George (Hans Jerick, b. 1724), and Jacob (b. 1722) are sons of the 1733 immigrant, who show up on York Co. records in Book 1757-61. She furthermore believes that Christian and Samuel, of Maryland, were of a different family; we include them here as [LB] and [AC2].

[3]Keller (1889) outlines this family.

[4]J.M. Runk & Co. Commemorative Biographical Encyclopedia of Dauphin Co., Pa., pp. 776-777. (1896) discusses Christian's descendants. See also William H. Egle, Notes and Queries, Historical and Genealogical, ser. 3, v. 3, p. 339 (Pa. State Library: 1901), who cited information from a newspaper scrap from the Garber family reunion near Decatur, Ill., and claimed that Jacob Garver was "a native of Switzerland who came to America in 1790" [?]... and had a son Christian Garver of Dauphin Co., ancestor of the Illinois Garbers.

[5]Keith A. Dull, Early German Settlers of York County Pennsylvania, pp. 183-184, Manchester Twp.

[6]Benjamin Fahnestock and Wyrich Bentz, sons-in-law of the late George Gerber were named in an Oct. 11, 1791 letter of administration from the Probate Court of York Co. See also Mar. 11, 1833 Deed Book 37, p. 656, York Co., where Margaretta Bentz, widow of Wyrich Bentz and daughter of the late George Garber purchased her father's tract on the west side of Beaver Street and Philadelphia Street in York.

[7]Abstracts of Church Records of South Central Pa., Book 1, Vol 5, Christ Lutheran, p. 3 states: "John, born 1726, son of Jacob and the late Barbara Gerber, of Mensingen in Wurtemberg, came to America in 1733 with parents, brothers and sisters; married 1756 to Susanna Margaret, daughter of Anthony Wolf." In the July term of 1759, a warrant (Adm. Bond A-208) was issued by the Sheriff of York Co. for Conrad Bott, of Heidelberg Twp. and Wendle Bott, of Catoris Twp., who owed £16 to John Garber of York Town. On Dec. 9, 1759, George Gerber, Adam Bott and Zachariah Shugart were named on a letter of administration from the Probate Court of York Co. subsequent ot the decease of John Gerber.

[8]M.S. Bates and F.E. Wright, York County, Pennsylvania Church Records of the 18th Century (1991), Records of Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, City of York, p. 282: "...he came to America in 1733 with his parents, Jacob and Maria Barbara Gerber."

[9]Bates and Wright (1991), Records of Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, City of York, p. 278.


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