F. Christian Gerber (d. 1751)

F. Christian Gerber (d. 1751) emigrated from Sumiswald, Canton of Bern (Switzerland) ca. 1737-40 (?). It is speculated that the father of Christian Gerber lived near the region of Seftigan in the canton of Bern because of the relationship or strong social ties to Henry Zimmerman (Carpenter), the father of Emanuel and Gabriel of Leacock Twp. [1] It is believed that this is the Christian Garber whose homestead was one mile north of Highway 23 on the Mondale Road, Leola, Upper Leacock Twp., Pa. Christian Gerber purchased this land Oct. 5, 1744 from Leonhard Bender; [2] since Christian was "an alien born out of Allegience to His Brittanic Majesty," the land was re-warranted Sept. 26, 1761 (adjacent tracts of 119.5 and 126 acres), surveyed Nov. 11, 1762 and patented Oct. 31, 1765 to John and Peter Garber. [3] It is possible that Christian was one of the guardians of the two youngest children of Heini Riggenbacher of Zeglingen, emigrant of Sept. 23, 1740. [4] Christian's inventory and administration are in documents of Apr. 27 and Sept. 3, 1751. [5] He married Barbara -- and their children were mentioned in an Orphans Court order dated Mar. 3, 1752: [6]

F1 Anna Garber (b. ca. 1730)[?]. [7]

F2 John Garber (b. ca. 1725?; d. 1783,85) m. Catharine --. He was granted the family estate in Leacock Twp. pursuant to an Order of the Orphans' Court on Mar. 20, 1752. On Sept. 24, 1761, the western half (118½ acres) of the estate was deeded to John's brother Peter. [8] Both John and Peter appear on the Leacock Twp. tax list of 1758. On June 7, 1785, the 127-acre tract of land was ordered by the Orphans' Court to be held by the eldest son Abraham on paying shares to the widow and other children; the estate was divided Sept. 7, 1786. [9] These documents list his children, most of whom were among the early Amish migration to Juniata and Mifflin Counties: F21+ Abraham Garber (b. ca. 1751; d. 1828, Mifflin Co., Pa.) m. Elizabeth -- and sold the Leacock Twp. farm in 1791; F22+ Anna Garber (b. Aug. 30, 1753; d. Oct. 15, 1827, Juniata Co., Pa.) m. Henry Richenbacher; F23+ Isaac Garber (b. Mar. 25, 1757; d. Apr. 14, 1847, bu. Lost Creek Mennonite Cem., Juniata Co., Pa.) m. Catherine Holley; F24+ John Garber (b. ca. 1759; d. 1798, Cocalico Twp., Lancaster Co.) [10]; F25+ Barbara Garber (b. ca. 1761; d. Juniata Co., Pa.) m. John Kurtz; F26+ Mary Garber (b. ca. 1765; d. Mifflin Co., Pa.) m. Michael Hochstetler; F27+ David Garber (b. ca. 1767; d. 1832, Letterkenny Twp., Franklin Co.), m. [C37] Elizabeth Knob; F28 Henry Garber (b. ca. 1769; d. Mifflin Co., Pa.); F29 Catherine Garber (b. ca. 1771); F2a Michael Garber (b. ca. 1773; d. 1810, Juniata Co., Pa.) m. Magdalena Hochstedler; and F2b Sarah Garber (b. ca. 1775; d. bef. 1820, Huntingdon Co., Pa.) m. John Holley.

F3 Peter Garber (d. 1792) of Leacock Twp. m. Magdalena --. In 1752, John Garber and John Johnsn were appointed guardians. In 1785 Peter bought from Jacob Shively 42¼ acres in Manheim Twp. along the Conestoga Creek adjacent to George Bard. The wife and children of F3 Peter Garber are mentioned in a Dec. 31, 1792, Orphans' Court Order, which also lists guardians for the minor children. A Mar. 31, 1794 deed cites a Jan. 2, 1793 Orphans Court order requiring sale of his 42¼-acre tract, which went to John Heller; [11] children: F31+ Peter Gerber (b. May 25, 1764; d. Mar. 12, 1826, Upper Leacock Twp. [12]) m. Catharina --; F32 Christian Gerber; F33+ Jacob Gerber (b. June 8, 1775); F34 Joseph Gerber of Starke Co., Ohio; F35+ Magdalena Gerber m. Frederick Mohler; F36 Barbara Gerber (b. May 8, 1777; d. Aug. 20, 1829) m. George Kreiner; F37 Elizabeth Gerber m. William Skelton; F38 David Gerber; and F39 Mary Gerber m. -- Sheaffer.

F4 Mary Garber (in 1752, John Garber and John Johnsn were appointed guardians) m. ca. 1780 John Eby (b. ca. 1745, Earl Twp.). They lived near Lititz, Pa. and their children were: F41Peter Eby (b. 1784; d. 1858); F42 David Eby (b. 1785; d. 1860, Ontario); F43 Anna Eby; F44 Catherine Eby m. -- Fordney; F45 Barbara Eby; F46 Christiana Eby; F47 Maria Eby. [13]

F5 Barbara Garber (in 1752, John Garber and John Johnsn were appointed guardians). [14]

F6 Henry Garber (d. 1772). In 1752, John Garber and John Johnsn were appointed guardians. This may be the Henry Garver of W. Nantmeal Twp., Chester Co., on the tax list of 1771 [15] who died intestate in 1772. [16] His wife Barbara -- declined admin. on Feb. 10, 1772, and administrators Peter Garver and John Rup were appointed on Feb. 14, 1772.


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[10]He shows on the Lancaster Co. tax list of 1794 in Cocalico Twp. (Ephrata), when he purchased land in Cocalico Twp., between Ephrata and Akron near the Cocalico Creek, from Daniel Cerfofs [Deed UU-10, Lancaster Co.] His Aug. 20, 1798 will [Y-2-194, proved Oct. 1, 1798, Lancaster Co.], Sept. 25, 1798 inventory, and May 26, 1802 admin account included a still, which may have been associated with the Nicholas Zerfass innkeeping nearby [?]; see release of John Kurtz in Deed 21-4-30. His wife, Mary --, died in 1835 [Will R-1-68, Lancaster Co.]; they had three daughters: F241 Catharine Gerber (b.p. 1777; d. betw.1820/33) m. Jacob Holtzinger of Earl Twp.; F242+ Anna Gerber (b.p. 1777; d. betw.1820/33) m. George Strohl of Cocalico Twp.; and F243 Mary Gerber (b. after 1777; d. betw.1820/33) m. (1) William Hutcheson and m. (2) John Garman. See also Release 21-4-30, Lancaster Co., Apr. 4, 1820, by the three daughters of Mary Gerber, widow of John Gerber, late of Cocalico Twp.; executors John Kurtz of Manheim Twp. and Peter Gerber of Cocalico Twp.

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[12]Peter and some of his family are buried at the Vandersall Cemetery on his property in Leacock Twp.

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[14]Beiler (1976), p. 166, says she m. Christian Smucker, Jr. of Earl Twp., stating, "she is certainly a daughter of one of our Conestoga Garbers"; but she is likely [O4 in this paper], GB14 presented by Gingerich (1986).

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